Sushobhan Mukherjee

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05-09-12 : Auto is one of the most important vehicle in Bengal due to it’s mass availability , faster penetration & obviously lower cost compared to other cities. But off late the larger base of public transport started behaving erratically assuming the dependency of them in almost all clusters. On a rainy like today, let me start my first professional blog in the negative essence of “Beautiful Bengal”. The incidence place is Ultadanga, one of the most important junctions of kolkata. It connects multiple rail routes & roadways. It is the junction to connect Saltlake, EM Bypass, VIP Road (Airport), Kankurgachi etc.

The most important auto route from here is supposed to be karunamoyee considering it connects all sections of Salt lake including Salt lake all sectors, Rajarhat, new town etc.

But if someone lands here post 9am any day up till almost 11.30am, the chances of getting auto other than SDF are impossible.

There are defined auto stands & hundreds of people stand there in queue everyday. But 90% auto work like floating & does not care to be in the stand.

The public buses are so crowded here that climbing from Ultadanga is almost impossible especially if you have a bag in hand.

Hence majority of the people are left with none other than auto option. These autos charges as per their choice (like today as usual there was no auto for karunamoyee & all auto goes towards SDF asked for Rs25/- instead of Rs.20/-).

There are police(everyday almost the same person) & he acts like he is so busy in controlling traffic(however the transports works as their own as if there are no one to control).

We people are carried away with the situations & forced to go by the Auto Raaj. This in effect increases their muscle power.

I have given an example of Ultadanga. But the situation is same everywhere you just name it..Birati, Belghoria, Jadavpur, Garia, Shovabazar & so on

But time has come to protest. How to counter these?