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The Secret cause of Life Problems

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” –John Lennon

This is not just a quote, but a true insight of our life. The root cause of any of our problems are linked with being unhappy.

When I was a kid, there was no television, no tube light, and no mobile. Bibidha Bharati was one of the attraction in those days in radio. Load shedding was regular experienced since there was no inverter. Life was slow, but cool as per today’s standard. But I was unhappy (not only me, for everyone) in the aspiration of having all those what we have today.

But my daughter is still unhappy even after having all these since birth.

Same is applicable in every stage of life. In jobs, we are unhappy with the work, angry with boss, irritated with fellow colleague, dissatisfied with company owner and aspire to join other organization where everything is assumed to be perfect.

Alas, if this would have been true!

In one of our previous jobs, I had selected a guy in a salary of 5k per month. He was very happy while he joined the organization since he was earning 1.5K more than his previous assignment. But the situation reversed the moment one of his colleague joined. The new guy was recruited on 8K per month based on his last salary 7K. But the 1st guy became unhappy since in the same job role he is getting 3K lesser than his new friend.

If I have a Maruti alto, I am unhappy why I am not having Swift Dezire like my relative. But the desire fellow is also unhappy aspiring for Honda city.

We are not happy with whatever we have, we dream to achieve which rest of the people have and in effect keeps running.

But when we achieve some milestone, the desire goal post shifts and the unhappy story continues.

It is not easy to become happy. It is to be practiced for years. If we can achieve it, that will be the greatest glory of life.

Life is beautiful. Let us be happy and enjoy every moment of life.


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Missing Link – Touching The Soul

25th April, 2014 !

It was last Sunday. We went to Dakshineswar in the early morning with Family. My wife, mother, daughter, son and brother in law.

I am visiting this place after long time and last time was around 2010 with full family alongwith my father.

And I was near to this place on 14th Decmber , 2014 late night when I came to Ariadaha Burning Ghat with the physical body of my father. Finally physical body got flown away in river Ganges.

This time everyone was focused on puja with Bhabatarini and Lord Shiva, but I was searching and trying to feel my father. May the spirit be here near Ganges and I wanted to feel it. It was around one hour, I was very unmindful and sad.

Nothing could be fetched finally. But this place had appeared to me as a Missing Link. A connection place with father (if spirits really belong to).

Still I cannot believe, my father is not there with us. The incident was so sudden and unbelievable. He was ill. But nothing serious like he will expire. He was admitted to hospital in a planned manner for checkup and suddenly he got died in an one hour stretch. A major cardiac failure like a machine suddenly got shut down. Introduction on immediate pace maker, ventilation could not do anything. This will be thought of a different blog.

It is our destiny which is not in our control. We do not have any clue on Birth, Disease, Oldage and Death. It is directed by the Supreme Lord of Cosmic Government.

May his soul rest is peace.

Will come back to this place again to connect with the missing link

IMG_20140427_071609  IMG_20140427_080048  IMG_20140427_073058

IMG_20140427_080055  IMG_20140427_080044  IMG_20140427_083257


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Campus Interview – April 2014

Manpower is everlasting problem since we started our venture. It’s about four years now we are running our startup and no sign of getting the same resolved. This is different line of thought which I will write in a different blog. But this financial year we are trying to find out the resolution.

The first step, we thought of investing in fresh young minds instead of experienced one. Moreover we have constructed a proper HR process so that basic hygiene can be assessed.

The outcome of all these was a Pool Campus. We had planned it jointly with Nicco Ventures.

Nicco Ventures had been given the responsibility of organizing & coordinating a “Campus Recruitment Drive (Pooled)” by & for Prime Infoserv LLP for the 2014 batch passing out Diploma Engineering candidates from few selected & reputed colleges in the region.

The flow planned like below:

Step 01: Arithmetic + Logical Reasoning Test + English Proficiency [Elimination round]

Step 02: Company Presentation

Step 03: Group Discussion

Step 04: F2F Technical & HR Interview

Finally the pool campus was hosted in Technique Polytechnic Institute situated at Panchrokhi, Sugandhya , Hooghly last week (25th and 26th April, 2014).

IMG_20140426_102417 IMG_20140426_102526 IMG_20140426_102533

I was not aware about this college. We started in early morning. Our HR head Manas came from Hyderabad and the full team (me, Manas, Krishnendu and Sailen from Prime and Soham from Nicco) started from Airport towards the destination at around 8.30 am on 26th April. It was almost like a weekend trip since it was around 1.30 hours journey and due course we all were apprehensive about the college conditions, locations and students since it was very remote.

IMG_20140426_102403 IMG_20140426_102512 IMG_20140426_150650

But we were amazed the moment we reached. Excellent ambience, fantastic infrastructure and a well-planned facilities.

Step 01 (Arithmetic + Logical Reasoning Test + English Proficiency) was conducted by Nicco on 25th and they had selected around 38 candidates out of 97 total candidates. It was a pool campus. Hence apart from TPI, other participating colleges were Elite Polytechnic Institute, Saroj Mohan Institute of Technology and JIS School of Polytechnic

Initially we had presented Prime Company snapshots in front of last day shortlisted 38 candidates, followed by Q&A.

IMG_20140426_110201 IMG_20140426_111407 IMG_20140426_112836

Then we broke all candidates into two different pools (one for technical and other for sales – based on their interest and communication skill grade from yesterday exam). Then they had been sub divided into multiple sub groups to handle a situation. It was like a group activity to solve a problem collectively (technical) or pitch a product/service in front of customer team (Sales). Based on the analysis we shortlisted final pool and approached for face to face interview post lunch.

Lunch was arranged by the college in their Guest House. It was in the campus itself. The hospitality was awesome. We were in dilemma that we came to some ceremony or a campus interview. The menu was Rice, Dal, Aloo Bhujia, Dhokar Dalna, Fish , Chicken, Chatni, Papad, Rasogolla and Sweet Curd.

IMG_20140426_145529 IMG_20140426_143646 IMG_20140426_145514

Face to face round revealed different areas for the candidates. We found extremely good candidates with knowledge, attitude, and seriousness. On contrary there were lazy, impatient, confused kind of Personnel as well.

We found majority of them did not get exposer for proper industrial training. Mostly they went BSNL, Prasar Bharati & NSIC. But finally did not gain anything even after they spent some money for the project as well. We found this is an area where we can work to groom the students in future through our training vertica l(we have done some programs like this earlier, but not in a systematic continuous way). I will highlight this section in some of my other upcoming blogs.

We found people got tensed, nervous and felt they need more grooming for attending interviews (which is not available for most of the colleges now a days) in terms of dress code, approach, mental conditioning etc.

However we got sparks in few candidates and finally selected 8 of them and 5 candidates put in standby for further evaluation.

Overall a good experience and expect we can groom the selected candidates for the big leap and fulfill our ultimate objective of creating trustworthy, accountable, hardworking, obedient, skilled soldiers in the Prime Army. This should not be only a Job for them. It will be a journey to life where they will be mentally strong, patient and analytical towards any problems.

I met Mr.JS Dhar & Mr.Suman Sikder who were heading campus interview process from TPI side. They had stitched the entire day for us with excellent human touch. We got to know the entrepreneurial story of TPI. 5 friends form Hoogly Institute of Technology aspired to be entrepreneur instead of a traditional job way back in 1981. During their journey in real estate landscape, they felt about education space and started TPI in 2008. We had been given a nicely crafted internal magazine named “Prajuktika”.

IMG_20140426_180537           IMG_20140501_204233

Overall planning by Nicco Ventures was superb, truly professional, systematic and result oriented.

Will look forward working with Nicco and TPI in upcoming sessions as well.

All the best for the selected candidates. Looking forward to see in the Prime Team in the month of June 2014.

IMG_20140426_150358             IMG_20140426_102447