Sushobhan Mukherjee

Why Pradip Left the Job?


It is a true story, not fiction. But in order to hide identity, the name. Address etc. has been changed.

It was early days of our start-up, end of 2010. Our office was at Park Street (near Mallick Bazar).

Pradip was one of our few initial employees (most probably 4th employee). He was taken into our organization for strengthening Linux vertical. We were happy with his skills. Initial days, we had lot of dreams, visions to work on Linux based open sources and Pradip was one of the key member to those initiative. I still remember we were doing a POC (proof of concept) on packet fencer (network access control tool) and we were on the verge of completion.

It was Thursday evening around 5pm and I was at a customer place for an important discussions. I received a call around 5.15pm from one of our existing customer at Saltlake and he was at extreme urgency to have a router on immediate effect. I was trying to convince him about sending the same at his office next day morning since it was already late. But he did not agree. Rather he suggested to come over to our office himself and collect the router that evening itself by paying cash ( he was not willing to waste time even by issuing a cheque after passing several stages of approval). I sniffed the urgency and planned to support him even though the router was not in stock in our office. I had requested him to come over and in parallel asked the office boy to go the manufacturer warehouse for collecting the router (meantime backend co-ordination was done with the manufacturer and distributor). This stage got completed in 15minutes and customer had already started from Saltlake to Park Street by a Taxi.

It was 5.30pm in the evening. I suddenly realized no one else is available at office that time other than Pradip.

Hence I called up Pradip and briefed him the situation. I told him to greet customer on his arrival and request him to relax and wait at office. Once the office boy comes back, he needs to handover the router to the customer and collect the cash in lieu of the money receipt. Once everything completed he may lock the office and leave for the day.

Pradip was very unhappy with this and was instantaneous in his reply, apprehending delay in work and late arrival to home. Rather he started arguing with lot of justification like he might miss the scheduled train, more than 9 hours no one can force employees etc. I smelled some problem and was in a request mode to execute this. Moreover I promised him to seat face to face next day morning to resolve his grievances (if any).

However the transaction was very smooth. Customer arrival, router collection, handing over the router to customer, payment collection – all synchronized well and got completed 6.30pm with great customer satisfaction.

Pradip kept the cash in office and handed over the key to the building caretaker and left around 6.45pm.

Everything was very well co-ordinated and I felt relived.

But it was just the beginning, surprise was waiting for me next day.

Pradip did not come to the office and his mobile was switched off. I was anxious since that was the day to complete the POC at customer place.

We got his resignation at 11.30am over mail and he never turned back to office. He did to neither completed handover formalities, nor passed any knowledge did transfer and in effect we landed into deep problems. But nothing is indispensable in this world and eventually we recovered from all issues.

But I was in a mode of introspection – Why Pradip left the Job?

My logic was there could be two reasons:

  1. Option I: He was unhappy with our organization (may be culture, our words etc) and was not in need of money. May be he was from a rich family and Job was only a time-pass activity and he did not hold any liabilities.


  1. Option II: He was already having a Job and he immediately switched due to the grievances with our organization.

(Though I was clue less why he could be unhappy us. We did not use any foul languages last day, rather was in an appealing note. That was the time we used to disburse salary last day of every month instead of waiting next month to come. Being an early stage of start-up we used to have lot of liberty, enthusiasm and he was with us around six months).

I was immediately jumped into investigation. The documents (which was collected during his joining in the organizations) were scrutinized and following facts were identified:

  • He was from a middle class Bengali family at Barasat.
  • He was the only earning member in the family with his aged parents, wife and child.
  • He had his baby girl (only child) two months back only.
  • He was earning INR 15000/- from us monthly.
  • He got a flat in Barasat one year back and was holding EMI of INR 8000/- per month.

In nutshell, he was having enough liabilities and in effect it was literally impossible for someone to leave job. Hence option I became null and void. So the option left out is the second one.

I was keeping eye on the market and found him searching jobs next two months (as he was getting interviewed in my known circles and my friends called me for reference check seeing my organization as his last employer).

Till date I am clueless. Why Pradip Left the Job?

Readers having any clue? If yes I will be delighted to know from you.

God Bless Pradip!


Author: Sushobhan Mukherjee

Co-founder and CEO of Prime Infoserv LLP, one of the leading System Integrator and IT-space consulting ecosystem of Eastern India working with top pan-Indian and global brands. 18 years of experience in the domain and is a key industry voice with memberships in Indian premier IT trade bodies like NASSCOM and TiE. A bootstrapping enterprise-builder with a high flair for teaching and mentoring.

6 thoughts on “Why Pradip Left the Job?

  1. Firstly, it is clear that his work ethics were not customer centric, whereas you wanted him to go an extra mile for the same. So it is clearly a value mismatch.

    Second, he was an unprofessional.

    Third, because of reason #2, you should not care and worry about this incident and waste your executive time on this matter.

    • Thanks abhishek for your response…but this is not isolated story…I am not at all in favor of wasting time on them…but the overall work culture in Bengal is doomed…hence thought of highlighting few of the clueless stories…so stay tuned 🙂

      • Yes. People are clueless. And I am clueless as how to get them to have focus in life. Honestly, I tried earlier, but have given up. I, now, prefer to get what I need – thats it.

  2. May be he was not happy with the salary as he was having lot of debts upon him ( as per your findings). And at the same time he was mentally disturbed which was hidden to everyone.
    And that complexity of mind fired at once while the chance came to his evil mind which was uncontrolable.

    Later on, when his good mind came to realise the practical world, it was too hard to face you…

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