Sushobhan Mukherjee

Renaissance Club


Renaissance Club ! Sounds interesting?

We had inaugurated this last 29th November, 2014.

This is neither having any registration nor any formal/legal entity so far. Rather we are not aiming for that as well.

The idea conceived by Pritam Bhattacharya, my friend and founder at Wordsmith Communications. He is a creative writer and runs an online magazine as well.

Apart from Pritam, the chairman, three other members joined in – Self, Mr.BN Bhattacharya and Mr. Pradipta Chakraborty.

Mr.BN Bhattacharya was a government official before his entrepreneurial journey. He is working on presently social entrepreneurship in rural Bengal which involves education, training and agriculture.

Mr. Pradipta works in a big MNC, but having very creative mind.

Our philosophy is to have this loosely coupled where we will think high, exchange thought, discuss and work some interesting creations. Similar minded people share ideas, pain points, joy face to face beyond the virtual community (Facebook, twitter, whatsapp).

Our observation and realization is the situation has reached to it’s worse situations in education, culture, social and other domains as well. Nothing can be worse that this.

Hence there should be an about turn to raise bar for Bengal and Bengalis. And we are trying in our own way.

Any inauguration does not get success without good celebrations with food.

Special Attractions were “Phul-kapi and kadaishuti Singara” (chef from North East India with 45 years of domain experience), Telebhaja, Gulab-Jamun (a special item from an entrepreneur from Chapra district), Blended Assam and Darjeeling Tea and local Bengali sweets made from “Nolen Gur”.

Apart from general “Adda”, Pritam read some section of Muztaba Ali, Mr.BN Bhattacharya read his own article of “Ahmaddpur Katowa Local” and I read couple of my poems.

Looking forward towards our next meet.

IMG_20141129_165620 IMG_20141129_165659_5CS IMG_20141129_184601

IMG_20141129_184419 IMG_20141129_184424 IMG_20141129_184447


Author: Sushobhan Mukherjee

Co-founder and CEO of Prime Infoserv LLP, one of the leading System Integrator and IT-space consulting ecosystem of Eastern India working with top pan-Indian and global brands. 18 years of experience in the domain and is a key industry voice with memberships in Indian premier IT trade bodies like NASSCOM and TiE. A bootstrapping enterprise-builder with a high flair for teaching and mentoring.

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