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Down memory Lane – Back to School and College life

This February was really remarkable and nostalgic for me since the month started with an Official Reunion at College (8th February, 2015) and ended with an un-official meet up at School (28th February, 2015).

The college re-union is a structured one since there is a student’s association and the occasion takes place every year. This year was the 25th Annual Re-union and I am attending the same for last 5 years almost.

But in our school there is no formal meet up process and there is no formal ex-students association as well. Hence the kick-off was important and let me cover school meet up first before the college one.

Nimta High School was a Bengali medium school and I started my education here from “Sishu Sreni” (Child Class) which was a class before class I and continued studying here till class XII. But after leaving school, the friends spread across for educations, jobs etc. Few of us were in touch through Facebook, skype, mobile, mail etc. But it was definitely discrete. But the friendship was very intimate considering most us spend almost 12 years together and the duration was combination of different phases of life starting from childhood to the teenager.

The aggregation of friends started this year thought “Whatsapp” and thanks to our friend Tarun. He took the initiative to create a group of our batch in “whatsapp” and friends got accumulated. Finally we thought of our first meet up on 28th February, 2015 and around 15 members agreed to join based on the availability. And today was the day. I reached school ground at around 5.05 pm while Tarun had already arrived. I had passed by the school last several years for different reasons, but first time I have entered inside after I passed out. Tarun met the present “Head Master” and proposed his idea of Re-union ( with a briefing of our today’s meet up). He seemed to be excited, but expressed his inability to extend any support from school side. But in case ex-students can take up initiative, the school will not have any objections. Meanwhile Nabarun joined us and we had roamed around different areas of school compound and captured snaps. Our class IX room in the 2nd floor was open and we could still feel the memories of several remarkable incidents there. Due to some reason “Saraswati Puja” celebration was stopped in our school. Our batch taken the initiative to re-open the same and executed the same seamlessly. We kept on discussing on several class incidents including different Sirs of that time. Gradually Abir and Susar joined with us. We all went outside of the school gate and had Tea with the same shop which was there in our school days as well. Meanwhile Ananta, Tamal, Snigdhadip, Abhijit also arrived. Finally we were total ten friends assembled at school and we again stepped inside the school and taken group photographs. We were in search of good old memories collectively.It was quite late evening and school gate was about to be closed. In effect we planned to seat in a nearby restaurant to celebrate the evening. The evening was extremely refreshing since we could meet after almost 20 years and could touch our glorious moments of life which was less complicated. It was fresh air in present life style where none of us having any time for self. Finally we were focused to stay tuned and give a formal shape of this meetup and planned to encourage lot of our other friends to join in. Next meet up planned on 16th August, 2015 outside city limits and we hope more participants there. We wish the next meet up will bring us closure and we can formulate some solution to contribute towards our School as well. We concluded in a sweet note with more engaged future dreams.

018-DSCN1564 002-DSCN1548 041-DSCN1587 053-DSCN1599

Now the time for my college. I am summarizing this later since it was more organized process and was not a kick-off. But here is also a “whatsapp” story. Gradually felt, with lot of it’s “cons”, we could find our old friends, colleagues and stay tuned with the social version of technology and that is a significant “pros”. Our college Jnan Chandra Ghosh Polytechnic is situated in Mayurbhanj Road, Mominpur. I did my diploma engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications way back. Somnath was instrumental to create our JCGP whatsapp group to assemble all of us together virtually last year. And incidentally this year was 25th year of the Re-union. Using “whatsapp” we could spread the message to lot of our friends in both electronics and electrical department. Initially idea was to join there along with our kids. But finally I could not do so since there was exam of my daughter in the very next day. But once I landed this year I could feel happy without bringing her. Curious? In my college days, the area was complete green. The playground was awesome and that was the attraction point. My idea was my daughter would have enjoyed the same as well. But this year it has been found that the playground completely destroyed with new constructions (it was “play ground” even in the last year. Anyways Jyotirmay, Rana, Debu, Nirupam, Tapa, Sujay, Uttam, Soumitra and chandana joined from our batch. There was more than 500 participants it seemed. Sujoy came with her daughter. We roamed around all places including our classrooms, canteen, and different practical labs and felt nostalgic about it. But the main building was under renovation (it was one of main attraction of the campus being the House of the King of Mayurbhanj). The day celebrated with good food, musical programs and definitely kits and memento.

29-DSCN1427 36-DSCN1445 51-DSCN1484 63-DSCN1503

The similarity of both my school and college has been found the neglected infrastructure. Both the places classrooms remained almost the same. School has added few floors or building, but almost nil maintenance. College is doing maintenance of the main building, but the other buildings are not maintained properly.

My wish if we can structure the School re-union like my college re-union.

Let the meet up today be the stepping stone towards that.

Keep in touch my friends.

More Pictures can be fetched below:

School Meetup Snaps  | College Reunion Snaps


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Valentine’s Day Insight

What do we understand by “Valentine’s Day”? What do we mean by “Love”?

February has long celebrated as a month of romance and associated with Valentine’s Day celebrations.

But who is St. Valentine? And why is this month celebrated for love?

The origin goes back as early as 270 A.D the story reveals the clash between a kindly priest and a mighty ruler.

The priest name was Valentine.

The golden era of Roman Empire had almost about to get doomed and Rome faced severe crisis from external aggression and internal chaos.

Naturally a strong force was required to be built with more efficient soldiers and officers to protect the nation from takeover. Claudius became an emperor this time and felt that marriage is the root cause of all problems of men. A married men would have been more emotionally attached to their families, and in effect would not be able to become good soldiers. Hence he issued an edict forbidding marriage to assure quality soldiers with a farm belief that marriage would make the men weak.

But the ban on marriage was a great shock for the Romans. However they dared to raise voice against the mighty emperor.

The kindly bishop Valentine could realize the injustice of the decree and felt the trauma of young lovers on marriage.

He planned to counter the monarch’s orders by executing many marriages in secrecy and gradually became “friend of lovers”.

But the news could not be suppressed for long. In effect he got arrested by Claudius.

Valentine was approached by his Jailor Asterius while he was awaiting his death in prison. Valentine had some saintly abilities with the power of healing people. Asterius had a blind daughter Julia and he requested Valentine to assist his blight daughter to restore her sight with his miraculous powers. And Valentine was successful in helping blind Julia.

Finally Claudius II got impressed by Valentine with the dignity and conviction. However, Valentine refused to agree with the emperor regarding the ban on marriage and also to recognize Roman Gods. In effect Claudius II became angry gave the order of execution of Valentine.

Meanwhile, a deep friendship had been established between Valentine and Julia. It caused great grief to the young girl on his friend’s imminent death. Valentine asked for a pen and paper from his jailor just before his execution and signed a farewell message to Julia “From Your Valentine,” a phrase that lived ever after.

Valentine had been executed on February 14, 270 AD.

Thus 14th February became a day for all lovers and Valentine became its Patron Saint.

But what is love? In present timed it has been projected by an affair between boyfriend and girlfriend (interestingly boys and girls cannot be only friends!). Love is not confined to such a small boundary.

When a mom kisses her child, that is love.

When a proud father holds small hands of his child tightly before crossing the road, that is love.

Parents become worried on child’s health, they loose patience if there is delay of returning home of their child from school/ college/office/tour.

Even if the child becomes older in age, the mother still worried “Did you have food in time?”.

When brother is in trouble the sister raises his support over phone from very far in terms of geography” Don’t worry, everything will get settled, we are all here in your support”.

Are these not the reflection of love?

When the mood of the husband is off, wife puts her hands on his shoulder” what happened? Will you have coffee?”.

The friend jumps into your home and helps you to organize your sister’s marriage with a big smile “Main Hoon na?” (I am here to support you my friend).

Daughter becomes worried when she come to know her father is unwell and cannot be in piece till the time she meet him in person.

Are not these love?

“Love” is a special emotional attachment with all of them who are important in our life.

Let us not ignore anyone them.

Let us celebrate the moments of love only for this day, rather forever, every day, always.