Sushobhan Mukherjee


Sunday Horror Story

Readers, I am back in my blog for after some time. I got occupied in some business transactions in North Eastern part of the country and could not make my time for writing. But the entire period was very exciting with full of incidents. Some interesting ones, I will articulate in due course. Today is the turn for the first one.

I met Joydeep in trip.

Joydeep is a bong young entrepreneur and he had ventured out of business in North-East after his college days. He is one of such rare Bengalis who had the courage to reject safe/secure employee life and explore the destiny in business and that is also outside his home town, in a difficult terrain.

But he succeeded and converted his start-up to a stable venture. But as usual the journey was not at all seamless as usual like all of us and faced lot of turbulences.

It was a Sunday six years back. Joydeep woke up early morning as he was in tension to find out resources for an opportunity. The opportunity was popped out last afternoon and he was not having any in house expertise for the same. But there was a compulsion to execute the same in order to maintain the relationship with the customer.

One of the Government Department wanted to do some kind of customization in their ERP Application in order to have better dashboard/reporting. It was a small ticket job, but executing the same timely with perfection was important since there was a linkage to the upcoming big ticket job.

Government was not paying a penny and Joydeep had to invest from his pocket. In effect the idea was to execute it in an optimized manner.

He had float to its own community and was in search for a competent resource last night itself and his backend connections did not deprive him.

Finally he figured out Rajiv who was working in some accounting farm in Kolkata with five years of experience.

Rajiv found to be confident on the scope of work and he committed to complete the job in three days. Joydeep got relaxed and offered him the amount which was twice of his monthly salary for this three days work. Idea was to make him happy so that there is not quality related issue. Besides to and fro fight fare, lodging, boarding and other logistics was to be handled by Joydeep only at actuals. Rajiv assured to commit the date (as per leave approval from his boss for 5 days including journey) by next 3/4 hours.

Joydeep got relaxed.

After two hour’s he had a call from Rajiv’s father with some clarifications like follows:

  • Is the area disturbed with Outfits/terrorists/militants
  • Is there any risk for civilian in this terrain
  • How is the mosquito condition? Is the area affected with malaria?
  • How is the weather?
  • How is the food? Bengali food available?
  • And so on?

Joydeep had a shock and initially was speechless. However he adjusted fast and tried to convince him showing his own example as he had settled well in the terrain being a Bengali. Besides he assured of no issues and tried to give confidence of support all out for a co-Bengali fellow.

Rajiv’s father guaranteed to update by next two hours. It was Sunday afternoon 2pm when the call ended.

Joydeep was in anxiety since there was no call till 6pm and finally he could resist himself calling Rajiv at 6.30 pm.

Rajiv declined the offer since his family did not approve it for the reason that the terrain was not safe.

Joydeep got into deep distress.

Finally he managed to arrange someone from Gujarat and execute the job well within time and desired quality. And off course this time there was no strange queries like above beyond the scope of work.

Joydeep is still clueless about the apprehensions of a Bengali young man whom he tried to assist with some work (and with good remuneration too).

Trust you can understand why it was “Sunday Horror” for Joydeep way back.

Let us awake my dear friends. It is our moral responsibly to improve our work culture and definitely the reputation inside and outside of Bengal.