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Recipe of Life

Dear Readers,

Do not expect what your mind is habituated to read further. Right you are. I am not going to give you some “sutras” like a “Guru” on life.

I am here to share my realization on the basis of what I have learned so far.

Last couple of years few of my friends, colleagues, relatives left for heavenly just out of the blue. Few of the scenarios still I cannot believe and the same makes me seriously perplexed.

Stressful life and rat race, outcome of a materialistic world (where we strive only for success) are putting us into lot of troubles. We need to contemplate the spirit of life.

Here are few of my thoughts:

  1. Lifestyle

We need to search for peace, happiness and joy. These got missed out from our life and in effect we messed up with our life.  We need to have balanced, successful life for good health, relationships, and mental peace.

Let us come out of the thought process “I am the Organization”. The same philosophy generally eats out our bandwidth. We tend to stretch ourselves to cover up other’s shortfalls. Let us practise not to mix the professional life with personal life. We are restless with our office, family, children and the success. Let us try to have more composed to avoid distress.

We need to take leaves/ break from work, spent quality times with family, friends.

Always reward your long hours of labor and toil in the very best way, surrounded by your family. Nurture their love carefully, remembering that your children need models, not critics, and your own progress will hasten when you constantly strive to present your best side to your children. And even if you have failed at all else in the eyes of the world, if you have a loving family, you are a success.” – Og Mandino

  1. Routine Health Habits

Now a days, due to technological enhancement (AC, Lift), we are having lesser physical movement. We tend to keep working seating in an AC cabin for 12 hours long, keep on having junk foods and in effect gain weight.

Reduction of weight is important in order to keep it within stipulated limit. This will help us minimizing lot of health hazerds.

Morning walk, yoga, running, cycling, swimming etc are few elements which can help us in burning calories and keep ourselves fit. At least spending one hour in physical exercise in the morning is absolutely necessary. In order to wake up early, sleeping early is important and we need to sleep around 8hours.

  1. Food habits

We need to reduce consumptions of junk foods, Oily foods, fast foods. Mostly we should focus on homemade foods instead of restaurant foods.

We need to reduce quantity of foods and consume more salads, curd etc. Morning breakfast should be heavy and dinner should be very light. We need to have dinners 2 hours before the sleep.

  1. Addictions

We need to come out of excessive/regular Smoking, Drinking and other addiction. Some occasional in takes are alright. But regular habits will land us to the danger zone.

  1. Health Check-up

It is always better to have preventive maintenance of any machine. Human body being the most critical machine available in this earth, it is important to test proper functioning of the same. We are living already in risks due to pollution. Hence having health-check-up on periodic basic (at least yearly once) as advised by specialist doctors will enable us to identify the problem areas and have corrective actions before stepping into the danger zone. Few of the sample tests are as follows:

  • Routine blood test -TC, DC, ESR, Haemoglobin
  • Blood for Fasting sugar & PP.
  • Blood for Urea & Creatinine.
  • Liver function test
  • Complete Lipid profile.
  • ECG
  • USG whole abdomen
  • Urine and Stool testing.

(But please take advice from doctors before going for test and the reports to be co-related and actions to be performed based on test results)

  1. Insurance Policy

We must have Health insurance for the full family. Family floater will be a good option. We should invest in our early age so that best possible options can be availed.

Besides, we need to have Term Policy to cover up dependents in case of any accidental issues.

Friends, do not think I am following everything listed above. But trying to follow at least. There may be plenty other good suggestions. Readers/friends may add the same in reply for the betterment of everyone.

Life is a gift to us by god. Let us enjoy every moments of it.




You and Me – Future of Power


Brother, we are in the same boat,

But our destination seems to be different.

I strive for Success,

You are afraid of failure.

I keep on Exploring avenues,

You feel it “wastage of time”.

I dream, aspire to touch the Sky,

You think “Impossible”.

I think positive with aggression,

You feel it immaturity.

Friend, we are riding in the same car,

But our visions are not alike.

I fight for new acquisitions,

You tend to protect existing.

I am unhappy with the growth,

You are satisfied.

I plan to create opportunities,

You “Overrule”.

I look for new dimensions,

You feel insecure.


Dude, we are in the same lifetime,

But you live in “past” and I strive for future.


Dear Friend, do you know “what do you want?”

Do you aspire to “win”?

Or you cherish on my “failure”?


If your desire is win,

I surrender, as ultimately I will win with you.

But if you look at my failure,

I will not give up, rather will force you to change

Bother, let’s join hands and rule the world together,

Our thinking should be larger than life.


শুভ নববর্ষ ১৪২২ (Happy Bengali New Year 1422)


শুভ নববর্ষ ১৪২২ !

প্রথমেই সকল বন্ধুদের জানাই শুভেচ্ছা । এই নতুন বছর বাঙ্গালী জীবনে নতুন সম্ভাবনার বার্তা নিয়ে আসুক ।

কিন্তু সত্যিই কি বাংলা নতুন বছরের প্রথম দিনটি আমাদের কাছে বিশেষ কোন তাৎপর্য বহন করে?

আজকের দিনটি কি শুধুই একটি ছুটির দিন?

আজ সকালে আমার এক বন্ধু ফেসবুক এ পোস্ট করল “আজ আচমকা সবাই বাঙালি …… উপলব্ধি ….. শুভ নববর্ষ “। জবাবে কেউ একজন লিখলেন “25 বৈশাখ অবধি চলবে – ২৬ থেকে সব ভ্যানিশ , আবার ১৪২৩ এ – বাঙালি জাগবে”।

এটাই কিন্তু সঠিক প্রতিফলন বাঙালী মননের । ১লা বৈশাখ আর 1st January এর মধ্যে কোন তফাত নেই। বরং 1st January অনেক বেশি প্রাসঙ্গিক ।

অন্যান্য দেশের বা অন্য ক্যালেন্ডারের নববর্ষের উৎসবের সঙ্গে আমাদের নববর্ষ উৎসবের কোন মিল নেই । টানও নেই, তা অন্তরেরই হোক আর সামাজিকই হোক । পৃথিবীতে যত সভ্য জাতি আছে তারা  প্রত্যেকেই তাদের মত করে নববর্ষ উৎসব পালন করে ।

বাংলা কাগজের কোনায় প্রতিদিন বাংলা তারিখ লেখা থাকে ঠিকই, কিন্তু আমরা কজন নজরে রাখি? বিয়ে, শ্রাদ্ধ, পৈতে ইত্যাদি উপলক্ষ এসে যদি না আমাদের কান ধরে পঞ্জিকা অনুসরণ করতে বাধ্য না করাতো, বাংলা বছর এতদিনে ইতিহাস হয়ে যেত ।

সকালে একটু দেরীতে ঘুম থেকে ওঠা, একটু বাঙালী জলখাবার (লুচি, তরকারি, মিস্টি) খাবার চেষ্টা,  কিছু ফোন (চিঠি লেখার অভ্যেস আজ আর নেই), কিছু এসএমএস/ ফেসবুক/হোয়াটসঅ্যাপ এ মেসেজ পাঠানো (যদিও অধিকাংশই ফরোয়ার্ড করা বা কপি, পেস্ট, মানে মৌলিক নয় ), দুপুরে চর্ব্য / চোষ্য খাওয়া ( রেস্তোরা আজ খালি থাকে না, যত রকমের বাঙালী খাবার হতে পারে তার সম্ভার, শুক্তো, ডাল, মাছ – কাতলা, ইলিশ, চিংড়ী, মাংস – চিকেন,মাটন, মোচা, ধোঁকা, চাটনি, মিষ্টি, আইসক্রীম ইত্যাদির বাহুল্যে রেস্তোরা আজ পরিপূর্ন থাকে, বাজেট আজ কোন বিষয় নয়), কিছুটা শপিং মল এ ঘোরাঘুরি আর সন্ধ্যা বেলা কিছু পরিচিত দোকানে হালখাতার নিমন্ত্রণ রক্ষা । বাস, বাংলা আর বাঙালীর নববর্ষ শেষ ।

আমরা আমাদের শিল্প, সাহিত্য, কৃষ্টি যা বাঙালীর মূলধন ছিল, তা আমরা ভুলতে বসেছি । আমার ছেলে মেয়ে যেমন ছোটো বেলা ঠেকেই ইংরাজী পড়ে । বাংলা দ্বিতীয় ভাষা । বাংলা গান, কবিতা, গল্প, উপন্যাস ইত্যাদি চর্চা করার কোন সুযোগ বা পরিবেশ নেই ।

এভাবেই বাঙালী জীবনে আরও একটা নববর্ষ আসে আর তার পরেই বিস্মৃতির অতলে তলিয়ে যায় । আর তাই ১লা বৈশাখ এর পরের দিন ২রা বৈশাখ নয় – 16th April ।


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Journey of Life

It is not dark,

           It is the absence of “Light”.

It is not black,

          Rather it is the absence of “Colour”.

It is not fear,

          It is the absence of “Courage”.

It is not wrong,

          It is the knowledge towards ‘Right”.

It is not weakness,

          It is the pathway for getting “Strength”.

It is not failure,

          It is the elimination of hurdles for “Success”.

It is not defeat,

          It is the wisdom for “win”.

It is not the end,

          It is the start of New Beginning.

Life is Simple,

          We make this complex.

Think Positive,

          And enjoy the journey of life.


—- Sushobhan Mukherjee


Enough Jobs, No Job Seekers !



Do you feel the statement weird? Not really, this is true across domains/verticals/companies.

Still seems unbelievable?

In my organization I am looking at Sales, Inside Sales, SEO profiles for quite some time now. If I get suitable candidate, the total count may touch 10 at least (if not more).

I know at least 10 fellow entrepreneurs who also need resources badly for their organization for quite some time now.

The collective vacancies of all the organizations including mine will not yield bad number.

Feeling as joke? Or assuming we cannot offer good remunerations?

I had offered few guys (came through referrals) “blank cheque”! Yes it is not typo error. This means if you can bring orders there is no upper limit of the salary.

But people have to earn his/her salary. Ultimately, it is not us (entrepreneurs) who will feed them from the pockets. It is customers who will pay and some % of the same will be distributed between stake holders.

Unless people cannot match basic performance parameters, the salary cannot be “unconditional”. People have to perform in order to get the performance linked component of the salary.

But even if the guys cannot perform, we have to feed them flat amount. This era is over.

Unfortunately the job seekers still could not come out of the hallucinations. They need flat salary wihout any performance criteria.

Lastly I had offered freshers 15k per month (exclusive of local conveyance/mobile exp) where 10 k was fixed and 5k variable. 5k could be availed in fulfillment of basic parameters like 100% attendance, min 50 customer contact details collection by field visits (name, phone, designation etc.). These are the pointers which can be achieved if we are disciplined, honest in approach, hardworking. But no one joined.

Job aspirants are still dreaming of big companies (say T, W, I, not naming in full) where there will be centralized air-conditioning, vending machine in the Pantry (24 hours Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and so on), fully carpet furnished, front desk lady receptionist and so on. And most precisely “no variables”.

Once this post will be published, I am sure I will receive inquiries where people will have expectation 15k (neither 10k nor 25k) as it is spelled above. But I have not met anyone who can tell me his offering to me, if I commit even 50k a month. Life is about “give and get” or “give and take” the way you define. If I agree to give someone flat 50k a month(no variable), what I will get in return? I curious to meet someone having such guts to demand salary and commit deliverable in return.

Readers might be wondering what is the definition of “right candidate”?

Surely we are not looking at sales skills from a fresher, rather looking as basics like go-getter attitude, hardworking, fearless mind-set, ambitious, smart, good communicator, honest, obedient and surely ready to spend time with the organization. He / she will grow along with the organization.

Guess I have spelled some rare qualities. I am ready to teach/mentor/guide them to groom them towards right career. But should I spent my time, energy with someone who can not commit his / her time for growth beyond some rupees here and there?

Good luck Job Seekers.

Will still prefer positions to be vacant unless matching candidates can be found.

Love to hear from readers and fellow entrepreneurs.

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Career Guidance Workshop

Career Guidance is one of major elements for students who are completing the educational life and aspiring to achieve greater heights in professional career. The present situation is unlike the era of 1970s where the objective of the employer was to accept the candidature, whereas the present time is more towards rejections. The no of aspirants are many times more than the available posts.

But myth about job is not true. It is being float to the market that there is almost no Job. But situation is reverse. There are enough jobs to offer, but very less matching candidate to fit in. The employability for the students are poor and in effect the employers are also suffering with vacant positions. An off course students are landing towards frustrations, grow low in confidence.

The learning is not about domain skills, but applying the same properly during execution. The interviewer is not looking at your right answer only, but the approach towards the situations. The body language, communications, dress code, confidence, attitude etc are some of the sample parameters which are being evaluated by the HR person of the organization than the technical skills.

But students generally keep low attention to this segment. We had worked with several institutions on this area to “Bridge the Gap of Employability” through our master classes.

The recent was Rajiv Gandhi Government Polytechnic, Itanagar, Arunachal. Our intention was to make youth employable even beyond metro City. The students in metro City still gets some exposure, but not in tier II or tier III cities.

The workshop was for three days with a time tested and structured process, which focuses on making INDUSTRY READY professionals.

The workshop covered the below enhancement areas:

  • Communicate assertively, confidently and convincingly
  • Develop competencies to face interviews confidently
  • Develop a  “Never Say Die” attitude
  • Inculcate the habit of focusing on the Controllable and thus making a positive impact

The training methodology of the workshop was experiential and participative based on “Real Life” case studies, simulated role plays with debrief, relevant AV clips to internalize the learning , games and activities to add Fun with Learning.

The students were extremely enthusiastic and participative with an eye opener of their thoughts towards life.

However, the workshop was covering behavioral changes in life and the same cannot be done overnight. The students need to undergo and adopt changes gradually in life and achieve success.

All the best.

Below are few snapshots of the program.

3-DSCN2100 1-DSCN2047 2-DSCN2094

More pictures can be reviewed here

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FOOL’S WALK | Our Voice Our Way

April Fool ! 1st April is the day when people tend to fool others. It is only one declared day of the year where we laugh by getting fooled. Last year I wrote a blog on this date on the topic if the Fool’s day should be termed as Entrepreneur Day.

This year I published by my first book “Fool’s Walk” co-authored with my friend and ex colleague Pritam Bhattacharyya.

The idea popped out of our mind one month back and thought of sharing our journey in the Anniversary of the Last year’s Blog.

But do not be fooled by the title of the book or by the release date of the book. We have tried to cover the real time issues of a start-ups with examples. The book will not give you big management philosophy as being taught in management schools or it may not reflect the directions of business success/growth as per some of the world’s few best seller’s books.

The book reflects the learning as we experienced hard way through our journey. The same may be an eye opener for non-repeating the mistakes done by us.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, looking for starting a business, the book may reveal some insider tips to you.

We tried to cover different aspects of entrepreneur life cycle ranging between People Management, Finance, Mystry, Expectations, Sales, Collaborations, Motivations, Aspirations Regulation/Compliance and so on.

The book is available in the following channels:

E-book version : Wordsmith University Store  / e-book at lulu 

Paperback version : paper back at lulu and amazon

We have celebrated the launch through the event “Coffee with Fools” in our “Fools Paradise”

We are thankful to the fools (our fellow entrepreneur friends) who joined us today and inspired us for the journey.

Will you be the “Fool” to join us in the party to celebrate entrepreneurship?

DSCN2155 DSCN2151 DSCN2159