Sushobhan Mukherjee

Recipe of Life


Dear Readers,

Do not expect what your mind is habituated to read further. Right you are. I am not going to give you some “sutras” like a “Guru” on life.

I am here to share my realization on the basis of what I have learned so far.

Last couple of years few of my friends, colleagues, relatives left for heavenly just out of the blue. Few of the scenarios still I cannot believe and the same makes me seriously perplexed.

Stressful life and rat race, outcome of a materialistic world (where we strive only for success) are putting us into lot of troubles. We need to contemplate the spirit of life.

Here are few of my thoughts:

  1. Lifestyle

We need to search for peace, happiness and joy. These got missed out from our life and in effect we messed up with our life.  We need to have balanced, successful life for good health, relationships, and mental peace.

Let us come out of the thought process “I am the Organization”. The same philosophy generally eats out our bandwidth. We tend to stretch ourselves to cover up other’s shortfalls. Let us practise not to mix the professional life with personal life. We are restless with our office, family, children and the success. Let us try to have more composed to avoid distress.

We need to take leaves/ break from work, spent quality times with family, friends.

Always reward your long hours of labor and toil in the very best way, surrounded by your family. Nurture their love carefully, remembering that your children need models, not critics, and your own progress will hasten when you constantly strive to present your best side to your children. And even if you have failed at all else in the eyes of the world, if you have a loving family, you are a success.” – Og Mandino

  1. Routine Health Habits

Now a days, due to technological enhancement (AC, Lift), we are having lesser physical movement. We tend to keep working seating in an AC cabin for 12 hours long, keep on having junk foods and in effect gain weight.

Reduction of weight is important in order to keep it within stipulated limit. This will help us minimizing lot of health hazerds.

Morning walk, yoga, running, cycling, swimming etc are few elements which can help us in burning calories and keep ourselves fit. At least spending one hour in physical exercise in the morning is absolutely necessary. In order to wake up early, sleeping early is important and we need to sleep around 8hours.

  1. Food habits

We need to reduce consumptions of junk foods, Oily foods, fast foods. Mostly we should focus on homemade foods instead of restaurant foods.

We need to reduce quantity of foods and consume more salads, curd etc. Morning breakfast should be heavy and dinner should be very light. We need to have dinners 2 hours before the sleep.

  1. Addictions

We need to come out of excessive/regular Smoking, Drinking and other addiction. Some occasional in takes are alright. But regular habits will land us to the danger zone.

  1. Health Check-up

It is always better to have preventive maintenance of any machine. Human body being the most critical machine available in this earth, it is important to test proper functioning of the same. We are living already in risks due to pollution. Hence having health-check-up on periodic basic (at least yearly once) as advised by specialist doctors will enable us to identify the problem areas and have corrective actions before stepping into the danger zone. Few of the sample tests are as follows:

  • Routine blood test -TC, DC, ESR, Haemoglobin
  • Blood for Fasting sugar & PP.
  • Blood for Urea & Creatinine.
  • Liver function test
  • Complete Lipid profile.
  • ECG
  • USG whole abdomen
  • Urine and Stool testing.

(But please take advice from doctors before going for test and the reports to be co-related and actions to be performed based on test results)

  1. Insurance Policy

We must have Health insurance for the full family. Family floater will be a good option. We should invest in our early age so that best possible options can be availed.

Besides, we need to have Term Policy to cover up dependents in case of any accidental issues.

Friends, do not think I am following everything listed above. But trying to follow at least. There may be plenty other good suggestions. Readers/friends may add the same in reply for the betterment of everyone.

Life is a gift to us by god. Let us enjoy every moments of it.



Author: Sushobhan Mukherjee

Co-founder and CEO of Prime Infoserv LLP, one of the leading System Integrator and IT-space consulting ecosystem of Eastern India working with top pan-Indian and global brands. 18 years of experience in the domain and is a key industry voice with memberships in Indian premier IT trade bodies like NASSCOM and TiE. A bootstrapping enterprise-builder with a high flair for teaching and mentoring.

3 thoughts on “Recipe of Life

  1. A Calcutta philosopher has said long back : We earn money from 25 to 50 years by ruining our health. We then pay astronomical sums to regain the lost wealth from 50 to 75 years (if we live that much).

    Few years back, banking industry saw a spate of deaths in the UK and the USA where people – young interns were literally dropping down dead. In Japan there is a word called ‘karosi’ which means death due to overwork.

    Our body, as per the Bhagavad-Gita is a yantra or machine [ exactly this word machine is used ]. This machine is not eternal but the ‘person’ inside the machine is eternal. We are a kind of a driver of this machine, although not completely independent. The avionics and navigation of this machine are mind, intelligence and ego (self – the sense of I – I am the boos, I am the entrepreneur, I have to deliver, I cannot fail, I shall succeed, I have been insulted and so on)

    This machine, like all machines have manufacturer’s set limits and performance levels. The manufacturer has the final say and no one claim to be the absolute manufacturer of the body although we have a feeling that our body is ‘our own property’.

    Due to various causes, one of which is abject violation of set limits, the avionics and navigation get first effected. These either go to overdrive or start malfunctioning. This becomes manifested now as troubles with vital functional levels. For example, high anxiety causes metabolism malfunction ; this sends signals to the endocrine and circulatory system to overdrive. This manifests into diabetes and other metabolistic problem. The body goes into trade-off and minimizes damage. However, after a certain level, for certain constitution, the body becomes unworthy to be a machine and the ‘person’ leaves the body also called death.

    I think a very useful course for overdriven people would be a course : You shall die one day. Contemplate on death. Or

    Work on weekdays and practice dying on weekends. You have to die anyway. So, why not prepare ?

    This contemplation itself will send chills in the neuro system, a kind of forced let go will happen and you shall experience a strange kind of lightness.

  2. Wonderful post Sushobhanda. I feel very blessed to get right guidance early in life. Got my priorities right.

  3. I don’t know what your are saying /suggesting here. I am in my mid 40’s and I have had routine into my life from quite some time now..(Yeah I make my own routine and follow them,who cares what others thoughts) . I typically work 9AM to 9PM( mind you my own decision ,nobody dare to force me) on weekdays. And in weekend I DO NOT WORK.

    Being in the industry ,I know when the emergency come (actual one !!) ,I just ignore those CREATED one by others. Heck. Time to time I took break from the madness of work(which I love thoroughly!!) and spend some quality time with my family(solely ,because they are not staying with me and live in different city),so I have had to fly to them ,whenever I get a chance to meet them.

    Now,what the hell with the routine???? if you are in mid 20’s and mid 30’s …forget about them and enjoy the life in fullest.Because you never get back those time again. I could have use much more strong words (yeah you guessed it right,,,some A…and F… words,anyway I decided to refrain from it 🙂 )

    Routine and predefined life takes you the catch is ,once you started to grow old( life start at 40’s only for the monied man and bollywood star’s…heck, everybody else it dipping down) ,face the reality . Your body started to refuse doing so many thing ,what you are used to do in mid 20’s and mid 30″s.

    I love to follow KISS theory almost everywhere. I do believe strongly that, if you live in a refine environment with a refine people ; you will get refined .It’s a matter of time.

    O yeah, I forgot to tell you, I am very specific to hear. I decide whom to listen and whom to not; and importantly what to listen and what to discard. And it gave me rich benefit over the years.

    Am i suggesting something off-topic here??? I am not sure.

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