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Bong Buzz!


Bong Buzz!

Sounds interesting?  Looks like an upcoming thriller movie?

Somehow you are right. It is an upcoming thriller. But not a movie, rather a movement in Bengal.

Bingo! You got it right finally. I am referring to Bong Entrepreneurs only!

Bengal was always leader of India and World in the ancient ages. The dominance was prominent across the domains like Culture, Social, Education, Knowledge, Businesses, Economy, Wealth, Mind, Leadership Capabilities and many more. Do you think these as over enthusiasm being a son of the soil? Hang on!

Before the British period Bengal and areas surrounding Krishna-Godavori were one of the major contributors to world economy. East – India Company was formed for suckling the wealth and have revolutions in Europe and indeed it was a grand success.

Eventually, Bengal started losing its glory (mainly after division of East and west) across the domain. The capital of India was shifted from Kolkata and Bengal kept on loosing for years now.

Gradually we started living in our shells and given chances to others to dominate.  We escaped from Bengal to the other states and abroad in order to avoid problems.

In effect Bengal has reached to a dead end. Nothing worse can happen than the present situations.

Few people like us who thought of fighting out against the dirt residing inside, thought of bouncing back and yes “Bong Entrepreneurs” took birth.

Yesterday was our fifth meet up at RDB-CCD, Saltlake.

11998953_1490303241283442_2960274057300811689_n  10410498_1490215471292219_886078475990025038_n 11986499_10153175265000748_3563083796468710753_n

Starting from Park Hotel, Chowringee CCD, RDB-CCD, Downtown Banquet to RDB-CCD, overall 70 entrepreneurs of Bengal came forward to be part of the movement.  And off course enthusiasm crossed boundaries as we find enquiries outside Bengal and India.

IMG_224555542338776   IMG_224568755645391 20150711_175726


Through myself and Arijit had taken leadership roles with our friends like Partha, Subhrangsu, Neela, Pritam, “Bong Entrepreneurs” is conceptualized as a nonprofit platform for all where everyone can take part in and contribute in his/her own capacity without obligations. Same way Subhagata, Abhijit, Samrat, Somnath engaged with us and kept us spirited, energized and motivated almost in all actions so far. Smarajit Da and Amitabha Da extended their support always whenever we needed. Somnath and Abhishek contributed in different forms whenever needed.

DSCN3046 20150711_171959 20150711_173936

During our journey of entrepreneurship, we faced immense challenges and in effect lost lot of time and energy in solving non-business issues. Finance, HR, Recruitment, Manpower, Statutory, Legal, Compliance, Accounting, Sales, Marketing etc. are the few of the areas where all of us burnt our fingers.  But eventually, we got experienced. We could find out avenues of resolutions, could connect with right resource/partners and thought of collaborations in that ancients “Panchatantra” way. Wondering? OMG! You forgot? My friend, I am referring to the story of sticks which says breaking bunch of sticks are difficult compared to single stick.

We felt the problems we faced are inheritance of the ecosystem and in effect the same cannot be uprooted unless there is a collective movement. And off course due to severe obstacles, we entrepreneurs are stressed and losing our peace day by day.

We wanted to create a platform where we can be a support to each other by joining hands. The idea is not only to generate business for each other, but also to share pains, frustrations to get relieved and celebrate successes together.

Hence we planned to have fun, music, Bengali food etc. as well whenever situation permits. Please see the glimpses of the music and food from our 4th meet up at Downtown.

20150711_180121 20150711_180128 20150711_180150

Believe me, the idea is to create this platform as a family where it will be beyond business and surely there is no competition with any of the existing business platforms.  Rather we intend to walk hand in hand with their support.

We welcome all who love Bengal and intend to take part in this journey of revolutions.

Bengal will roar once again!

We can do it together.


Author: Sushobhan Mukherjee

Co-founder and CEO of Prime Infoserv LLP, one of the leading System Integrator and IT-space consulting ecosystem of Eastern India working with top pan-Indian and global brands. 18 years of experience in the domain and is a key industry voice with memberships in Indian premier IT trade bodies like NASSCOM and TiE. A bootstrapping enterprise-builder with a high flair for teaching and mentoring.

2 thoughts on “Bong Buzz!

  1. I really feel inspired to see so many women out there!

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