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“Oh No, Not Again” ! Is it your reaction thinking one more negative article in my blog? .

Hold on ! Your Patience is being tested for next few minutes.

I have written several sections in previous days on the pain points of an entrepreneur, manpower issues, echo system negativity and so on. And few of my active readers complained about it – stating “I am getting too much bogged down into negativity”.

But point is different, I was never been influenced, induced into negativity even though the overall sorounding echo system is prone towards the same. In terms of spelling out those negative characteristics in different forms (writing blogs/articles, lectures, trainings) was intended to articulate the negatives sothat all of us (including me) may not repeat the mistakes (learning from past experience) and stay tuned towards positive spirits of life. In eighteen years of my career (12 years in employment and 6 years of Entrepreneurship so far), my intention was always to ride the boat against the wave. There were several situations like follows:

  • Something is not happening,
  • some work is getting impacted,
  • customer service is getting suffered, quality is being impacted,
  • performance is being dipped for a group/organization,
  • People are not able to handle it,
  • People are not able to understand positive philosophies of life.

In all those cases, my tendency was to take part into transactions in order to get things done in order to make them understand “how negatives can be converted into positives” (otherwords “leading from the front”). But unfortunately I could not turn a small leave of the tree and instead burdened myself into bandwidth crunch, stress and off course became dissatisfied, irritatated, impatient, short tempered and unhappy.

In retrospection in last few months, I discovered that I was wrong and in effect practicing to restratezige my thoughts.

Before stepping into more deliberation on the same, let me tell you a story (though real one).

Champa is our cook for last one year. She used to cook for us earlier also. She left and joined back in the second innings. Below are few of her beharial approaches:

  • She cannot make “milk tea”,
  • she do not cook chicken/meats
  • She never prepared Pithe, Payes, Beguni and do not know how to cook.
  • She does not eat several fishes and curries. And off course she is reluctant to cook those (or learn).
  • She can neither prepare spices manually due to back pain nor she can not handle mixy (rather she is reluctant to learn it’s handling).
  • She asks every steps (no of spoons of oil, salt, duration of sauté/boiling) and even sometimes pushes my mother/wife to wake up from sleep and taste (she cooks in abnormal time – 3pm to 5pm as her other slots are occupied due to extreme demand).

She conducts all pujas at her home (apart from traditional durgapuja, kalipuja, rashpurnima, manasa puja, kartik puja even) and all pujas she devotes herself to the devine god/godess with fasting. In effect she loves to take leave on those days.

She stays in a 5 mins walking distance from our home, but every possible events (like vote, strike by any political party), she avoids attending work due to fear factor.

Lastly, most importantly, during last durgapuja my in laws (father in law and mother in law) stayed with us for around a month. End of the month she told my mother to contribute some additions to her salary due to 2 additional persons. Her monthly salary INR 2250 ( family members 3 adults and 2 kids).

Thanks for your patience for reading such a long story and it appears to be irrelevant to you.

No. It’s not ! The story reveals overall attitude towards work – let it be a cook or office boy, sales guy, service engineer. The reactions / behavioral attitude of everyone is focused on finding reasons/clauses for “non-doing things”. Same is applicable to taxi drivers, rikswa walla, auto drivers, office employees and even my kids.

Yellow taxies are always having protest against new Services (Ola, uber, taxi for sure etc), but even in busy afternoon they are reluctant to go almost anywhere. At 2pm afternoon 4 yellow taxies refused to ride ultadanga to airport stating ” lunch time”, “Break cord broken” ( তার কাটা) ” Will not go that side” (ওদিকে যাব না). Interestingly got same answers while intented to travel camac street to esplanade same time other day ( people who are familiar with Kolkata geography, may clearly understand the locations are in proper Kolkata only, not outside).My immediate reaction comes in this situation s “Where you will go”?. But now I realized no point wasting temper/energy in those situations.

Situations are having no alterations while dealing subordinates/employees. If there is a sudden need of a customer support for whole night and situation arises in the morning only (I.e emergency, no prior information/preparation), employees will come out will all possible exercises and you will feel yourself in awkward situations (thinking who is employer):

  • Having some personal work tonight, can not do it
  • Why did not intimate me earlier?
  • Why don’t you allocate this to ” X” ( his fellow colleague, though he will have reservations in the same lines or different)
  • Better would be to ask customer to do it day after tomorrow.
  • Why Customer cannot do it in normal working office hours?

Ideal response comes to my mind is “****” (yes “slang”), but I have learnnt now holding my nerve as no point riding the boat against the wave.

There were situations where I tried to make people understand, mould their philosophies to turn into positives, but all went in vain. Neither they followed my principle, nor could deliver results (not interested more precisely).Rather, I know in these situations, people always believe:

  • These thoughts (my imposed thoughts) are impractical, impossible, un realistic
  • Those are wastage of time
  • Something else/some other thoughts / mechanisms should be tried instead of those idealistic philosophies.
  • The thoughts are useless, non sense.
  • Unnecessary speed will spoil the game.

So hold yourself. Why to waste time and energy in serving people who does not deserve it ( উলুবনে মুক্তো ছড়ানো)?

We can not control anyone other than self. The moment self control is utmost, that will reflect positive energies and attract people towards it (pull) instead we forcefully make them understand (push).

Let us store our energy to use it at proper time.


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“Live life King Size” : A Biopic

Live life “King Size”.

This statement is very well known and I am not here to suggest audience why/how to do it?

Rather I will here take you through a life story of a person and I presume the self will be self-explanatory how he did it.

It is about my father Late Gautam Kumar Mukherjee. 14th December was his death anniversary. He left us heavenly on 14th December, 2012. He was 67 years old during death. Below are few glimpses in my childhood

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His life was eventful, blended with fight, turbulence, enthusiasm, excitement and enlightenment.

1FPa4e4NKS4ayLRU23WKF9A2(1) V657S5KXa94P9NU8UCVD38L4

Late Paresh Chandra Mukherjee was originated from Dhaka Vikrampur and he belongs to Murapra Jaminder family. He was a decent business man during his time in Bengal and owned a pitch board box manufacturing plant during 40s. Unfortunately he had a major road accident and met unfortunate demise at the age of 49years only. He left five of children behind (4sons and one daughter) including my father. My father was the third child of my grandparents (one elder brother and one elder sister, two younger brothers). During my grandfather’s death, my father was at class seven and his youngest brother was only four years old. So he caught into difficult situations of life where he had been bound to become tough fighter not by choice, but by force.

But he not only survived, but countered the situation on his favor under the guidance of maternal uncle ( he had to act like a guardian of the family as his elder brother not only ruined the family business, but also escaped from the situation and settled in Mumbai keeping entire family behind).

He got settled himself in career, gradually built house in Birati (my present home where I reside since birth). The land was procured by my grandfather as after Independence, they came from Bangladesh and settled in a rented place in Daksnineswar. With the rise of business, grandfather had plans to construct family house in Birati. But unfortunatel same could not be materialized due to his accidental death.

Gradually elder sister got married, family situation revived and my father led it on his own shoulder.

This was just one side of his characteristics. But he was multi-talented man.

He was a great athlete. In his time own lot of office championship not only in outdoor games (running, long jump, football), but also in indoors (cards, carom etc). In my childhoods all costly crockeries in my house was the prizes own by him during games.

Below are few pictures of his live performance and prizes:

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Few of his prizes:

IMG_20151220_155229 IMG_20151220_163352

He was fond of traveling. He had covered almost all corners of India including tracking. I heard so many stories of tracking speacily nanda devi, keder-badri etc. This got inherited to me since my childhoods. We visited somany places togetherlike kashir, entire south India, gujrat and Rajasthan, simla-kulu-manal, nainitali , char dham , sundarban , dooars, north-east, bangladesh etc. The trips were long terms (15 – 20 days together) in groups. I had been to the trips completely by bus (Kolkata to Kolkata). 50 people together with cook, helper, food ingredients with us were awesome experience. There had been several overnight travels by bus and we did took breaks in petrol pump at night. Our cooks used to make quick dinner (rice, daal, sabji, egg/chicken) and it was indeed a picnic mood (kids like us used to sing, recite, play mean the time food was ready). Audience might be wondering or may be finding is troublesome, but believe me the kind of joy we had was absolutely not available in our today’s luxurious trips.

Few snaps below as he went for trecking:


Few other travel pictures:


As we went together places:

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Everytime we used to comeback, general practise was to take snaps with all children in our locality surrounding our home. Now I can relate, how those small things created better social bonding and retained our sweet memories.


He was foodie and was popular in the community. There were several stories which are still on words in our relatives. There was an incident of a marriage ceremony where he took 163 rassgollas after full course heavy meal (this is not a story).

Every event (marriage, burial, sports, picnic, tour/travel anything and everything) in our locality, friends circle, relatives, he was a default choice to lead, guide, drive. Even today I find people regrets his absence in case of any occasions. “আজ যদি গৌতম বেঁচে থাকতো, তাহলে কি আর আমাদের কোন চিন্তা ছিল?”(We would have been tension free if Gautam was here) was the latest version of thoughts during invitation for the death rituals during father in laws death.

Anyone wanted to plan a trip, his suggestions/guidance was must in our circle. His experience, tips, inputs were most valuable to them (as he visited most of the places) apart from his knowledge/passion for the subject.

He did not have a professional singing training, but he was a good singer. He was an armature performer. Every year he used to organize and perform in Office Drama with his friends. I have several of such performance in Mahajati Sadan. All office colleagues used to join their with family (different ambiance, culture compared to today’s night party with hard drinks, DJ and dance). I had seen him performing in “Raktakarabi” in local club associations.


He has been instrumental in organizing Durgapuja, Kalipuja in his time. He was a hardcore communist and used to be deeply engaged in political activities in 70s.

The organization skills, management abilities, Execution process were truly awesome and would have been automatic choice in any organization project management present needs. Let me give you a small example of my marriage. There were around 50+ relatives were supposed to come and stay for 3 days. Staying arrangements for them were with the surrounding houses besides our home.

Every house was populated with daily ingredients (bucket, mug, soap, shampoo, mosquito coil, oil, bedding). There were delighted people to look after starting from morning tea, breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner. Every possible transactions were drafted, planned, documented and executed with perfection in time with the assistance of my mother.

He was a government worker. But I have never seen him dipped into the so-called work culture. He never missed office (unauthorized leaves) due to any issues (natural calamities, ill health or any other petty issues). He was punctual at office timings and accountable/responsible for his work with his heart (the attitude is missing in today’s private enterprise even).

His life was extremely disciplined, time bound and well planned. His personality was little tough , rigid and straight. People used to be afraid (incuding me) of him due to his angry image, his loud/bold voice.

I still wonder how he could connect different dimensions of life. Our present problems of “bandwidth crunch” seem to be pitty if we compare with him.

The journey from down to top, building / earning “roti, kapra, makaan” by ownself and then touching different spirits of life truly reveals “Living life King size”.

Let his soul rest in peace. Looking forward meeting him in some form in some life.

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60 minutes of Turbulence in life


5th December, 2015.

Yes it was my birthday. But it got ruined due to sudden death of my father-in-law. It was Saturday afternoon, he left us behind and approached for heaven.

December is always horror month so far 2012 onwards. In 2012, lost my father in a sudden heart attack. My mother got neuro attack during death Anniversary of my father in 2013. Then she got shoulder dislocation last year (2014).  And now father-in-law expired all of a sudden in 2015.

But irony is both the deaths (my father and father-in-law) took place in such an unexpected manner, entire balance of life got disturbed with the turbulence. And during both the incidents, I was present throughout and best possible medications arranged as per our capability (and availability). But both the situation was beyond control of medical science and we were left only with the prayers to the Supreme Lord.


30th November, 2015 evening he (father-in-law) played with his Grand Daughters and he was completely in peace and joy. But a major cerebral Attack at 9.30pm caused the major damage to his life. His son (my brother in law) was fortunately in station (actually he stays in Hyderabad with family due to his career) for a family marriage occasion, though he was not at home at that particular moment. However all of us rushed to him by 10pm and incidentally he got admitted in a premiere nursing home in emergency. By this time he was completely unconscious. His last words before leaving home was “I am finished, do take care of your mother. Let me go to my mother “( আমি শেষ, মাকে দেখিস, আমি মায়ের কাছে চললাম ). Now after his death, my realization is that people (soul) get indications of his / her life endpoints. Otherwise why my mother-in-law called us (over phone) even before she goes to see her husband on the first floor? (Father-in-law informed her over intercom that he is not feeling well). And also remember last words of father-in-law (as mentioned above).

30th night was sleepless for us in nursing home emergency and it was followed by a neuro operations next day morning. His Criticality kept on becoming severe and the brain got completely disconnected with rest of the organs. Doctors were never optimist and his misery ended to his death on 5th. The brain hemorrhage was so intense (mid of the brain), it was almost impossible to operate (as per doctors). However doctors tried to create a bypass path by creating a channel to flow fluids externally in order to reduce pressure on brain. Unfortunate the back fire happened due to Aspirin as well (the medicine being taken by major patients in old age to avoid clotting of blood). The medicine influences further secretion of blood even after the attack and made the situation towards unavoidable circumstances.

A 60 minutes turbulence not only taken away a life (he was only 72), but did unbalanced associated people. Brother in law and his family (wife and two daughters) were about to return on 2nd December, 2015. They were forced to cancel their ticket and in effect elder daughter missed her exams, junior missed out getting forms for new admission.


Asesh Darsan Chatterjee (father in law) was a great person with very humble and gentle approach. He was very soft, friendly, but expressive character. He loved talking to people with a big smile. Interacting with new people and build good connection was in his fingertips. Almost everyone in my locality knows him as used to talk with everyone. Appreciations to everyone even for a small cause was his great characteristic. He was dead against of being rude / tough on kids. Always he cared of them with gifts of any price. He was very particular about quality. He used to visit defense canteen (being ex-army person) very frequently in order to bring stuffs for grandchildren.

He had been to several places in India during his working tenure starting from Pune to coochbihar. It was a thrilling experience while listening from his mouth about his life experience. He was an enriched soul, having deep inclination towards spirituality. It seems his experience/learning objective in this physical state was accomplished and in effect he left for a different plane/dimension. His life in this state must have accumulated more karmic debt and in effect his next life will be easier and more meaningful.


In a three years window I had experienced two persons’ demise all of a Sudden. Both of the fathers almost took the same path of evacuation from life. My father was admitted in the nursing home in planned manner for monitoring (since he had a major sugar fall last day). He was admitted at 9.30 am. The massive Attack appeared at 9.45am all of a sudden and taken away the life by 10.15am. It was such a rapid Attack, Trop T could not detect the same as well. Same was for father in law this time.

May their souls rest in peace. My prayer to the supreme lord to keep them with the best possible ways and guide us in case any assistance can be extended through our small possible karmic life here.







Wordcon – The Spirit of Life

“Wordcon 2015” was organized last Saturday of November(28-11-2015). This was first time the same took place in Kolkata, India with larger vision, viewpoint in mind.

This year it was themed as “Freelancers International Conference” and it was one of it’s first kind in the country as per our knowledge goes. Yes, it is neither a typo mistake nor an over ambitious statement. There are plenty of business meet-up, events in various domains everywhere, but those are meant for corporates (even upto SME). There used to be renowned speakers and people in the audience intended to be a patient listener.

Our objective was intended towards a small gathering (max 30 to 35) where people can take part in discussions of real life problems instead of just listening.  More precisely freelancers (individuals who works for themselves instead of an employee in a company) were meant for participants who feel themselves “very small” to the big business meetups to get engaged with the speakers/agenda.

But why the name is “Wordcon “. You are right. It is having relationship with “Words”. Wordcon aspires to find out keywords of life which balances between business and life. “Peace”, “Delight”, “Spirituality” are few of such words to have harmony, resonance, positivity of life.


The event was initiated with the inaugural lamp lighting and speech from Sri Kritarthananda (Pradip Maharaj), the monk from belur math. Apart from his inaugural pitch, he sang a song as well post lunch. All participants admitted that they had never experienced a chief guest continued almost till the end of the event with his blessings.

DSCN3587 DSCN3797 DSCN3618

Then Pritam Bhattacharyya initiated the session on behalf of the organizers.  He briefed on his journey of transition from government employee to translator, teacher, author, entrepreneur off course a wordsmith.

DSCN3625 DSCN3710

Arindam Chatterley (alias chats), a professional trainer, life skill consultant, elaborated ten commandments of entrepreneurship with real examples from life. He explained how everyone can learn from even taxi driver to shoe polish person.


Next was Pinaki Mazumder, founder Anubadak Lingo Services. With his life experiences, he stressed of relationships with customers. By his personal touch he bonded with his customers and in effect yielded much larger revenue base. Not only it resulted orders with premium values, but also stickiness was with years.


Subhas Mukherjee our good old friend joined us from Bhutan. He narrated his life story to demonstrate the importance of the alignment with the cultural heritage of the geography in order to get success in business.


Then it was the time for the desired break to drive into the Bengali traditional cousin through the traditional Bengali lunch.


Post lunch, I had initiated the discussions with the importance of attending meetups. Off course there was few recitations as well. “Depression” by Srijato was more of a relevance to the event as it has dual meaning (Depression can be applied for Weather or even to Mind). Do you know the poem? If no below is the same:


Gobindo Roy, founder of Lakshya Foundation, present researcher at IIT, Kharagpur presented on scopes, opportunity, platform in global arena for freelancers.


Next was live interactions with Matteo Preabianca from Australia. He briefed his experience as freelancer. Desire from Germany further illustrated through recorded webinar on “How to manage your time in global time zones with work/life balance?”

DSCN3746  desire

Anindya Kumar Banerjee (alias AKB) joined us from Bihar. He was instrumental on his session on vertical reading. The session was focused on reading a 100 pages book in 90 minutes and the philosophy was inspired by Swami Vivekananda (he was farm believer and practitioner for rapid reading)


There was small token of gratitude to the speakers and the same was extended through our Chief Guest.

DSCN3786 DSCN3784 DSCN3783 DSCN3787

The event was concluded by the music by sankhadip as planned.

12279190_10203657721881943_228722031066470704_n IMG_20151128_175553

The entire show was aspired of co-existence, harmony, peace and delight. We intend to comeback with the same spirit in the coming year as well.

Stay tuned thorough our website ( Three cheers for “Wordcon”.


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“Many Lives, Many Masters” and Many Thoughts

The book “Many Lives, Many Masters” I read at the end of December immediately my father left us. This was little casual read as someone referred me in order to achieve peace.

Again after 3 years, I read the book more seriously during last Puja vacation and this time I thought of summarizing my read and learning.

“Many Lives, Many Masters” is written by Dr.Brian Weiss and published by Piatkus. Dr.Brian Weiss is a psychiatrist who lives and practices in Miami, Florida. His life got changed during the therapic sessions with his patient “Catherine”.

Catherine was suffering from nightmares and chronic anxiety attacks. Initial sessions during her eighteen months therapy were traditional and failed miserably. Then the sudden surprise came while Catherine began recalling her past life traumas during hypnotic sessions. She had been born in 86 lives so far in several continents in various forms. Interestingly it was evident the souls take birth in close proximity i.e the people associated with Catherine in the present lifetime (not only family, but the friends, boyfriend, teachers, even Dr. Weiss). They were found visible in past lives as well. The moment Catherine could figure out root causes of problems in present times in some other life, the symptoms got vanished and got gradually cured.

More interestingly, Dr. Weiss could receive the messages from the masters in between states of lives where Catherine was floating in some of planes. The explanations of planes, dimensions, vibrations were mind-blowing.

Few of the messages from masters were like this:

  • Our task is to learn throughout our lives and by knowledge we can approach god. Then we comeback and teach others.
  • There are many gods and god resides inside of each of us.
  • Karmic debts are flown from one life to another . The moment we achieve higher level of consciousness, we become strong enough to master the external problems in physical state and in effect those habits we do not accumulate and carry forward in the next life.
  • There are different planes and dimensions. Every soul travels different planes at different times based on the level of consciousness (based on the learning/knowledge/progress during lifetime).
  • We should not only drawn towards people with same vibrations though that is the normal tendency. We must connect people with wrong vibrations to help them. All of us hold intuitive powers and that should be followed instead of resistance.
  • We are given intuitive powers we should follow and not try to resist. Resistance will bring danger. We are not sent back with same level of powers. Someone possess greater amount of powers which got accumulated from other times. All people will reach to a point of equality even though they are not being created  as equal.
  • The souls can crossover one plane to another in-case there are no more learning in the physical state. But they must comeback in the physical states if more learning are pending.
  • Certain attitudes are very important during learning like charity, hope, faith, love. More and more we learn doing without expectation in return (unselfishly ), we come closer to masters.
  • Once we accomplish what we have been sent for, the physical state of life ends. The guidance by masters will come in time when needed in some form.
  • Patience and timing are two key parameters. Everything comes when it must come. This can not be rushed, planned, We must accept what comes to us at a time. Life is endless. We never die and never really born. We just run through different phases. There is no end. Humans have many dimensions.  We see lessons  (which got learned) in time.
  • Fear in mind wastes energy. It stifles humans from fulfilling what there were sent to. We should take our cues on learning from surroundings. That is possible only when we can step in very deep inside the souls. It is like mountains. Inside mountain it is quite, But the trouble is visible outside. But we can see volcano once we can go deep inside.
  • There is no pain in the state of spirits. There are only happiness during spiritual state. Feelings, Pain are evident in physical state. We can hence learn relationship in physical state only. Learning in spiritual state will be different. That is the state of renewal.
  • It is all about growth and learning. There are so many stages of development. We shed a baby body, child, adult, old age. But we keep growing in the spiritual plane as well. Renewal, learning and stage of decision are the development phases. Masters /Spirits decides when, where and why to return. Some may choose not to return and choose some stage of development. Our body is just a vehicle while we are in human state. Our soul and spirits last forever.
  • Learning is much faster in spiritual state than the same in the physical state. But spirits choose what to learn. If needed, they can comeback in physical state to learn something through relationship. However,  the contact can always be established from spiritual state to someone specific in the physical state if choose to and if utmost important. The connection can be through mind, sometimes even like a physical appearance (as it was in a physical state).
  • Coexistence and harmony are the key for the balance of things. Everything must be balanced. Nature is balanced. Nature is about energy , life and restoration. Humans have not learned to do the same. Rather they are prone towards destruction.
  • There are seven planes in all, each one consisting of many levels.One of them is recollection where we are allowed to collect our thoughts. We can even see the life which just got passed. The spirits of higher levels (sages) are allowed to see history.
  • We have debts that must be paid. If we have not paid, then those debts will be carried forward into another life.( page 172)
  • All the seven planes are to be passed before returning to the physical state. The plane of transition determines what we will take back in the next life.We all have a dominant trait, may be greed,lust. Whatever is determined, we need to fulfill our debts to people. We need to learn to overcome this in lifetime. If not, the same will be carry forwarded. The burdens  will become greater life to life in-case debts are not fulfilled. In effect  next life will become harder, otherwise next life can be easy (if debts are fulfilled ).
  • There is a plane which allows souls to manifest themselves to the people who are still in physical form (only if they have left some agreement unfulfilled )
  • there are plane of transition and also plane of awareness. We come from one life, and , if the lessons are completed, we move to another dimension,  another life.

They became  more calm, patient, peaceful. Life was more restful and happier. The life was filled with joy, hope, more purpose and off-course satisfaction.  The fear for death/nonexistence was diminished not only for self, but also for near and dear ones. The learning about anger and resentment, harboring feeling towards people will help us to gain more control on life. With time Catherine appeared more serene, softer and more patient.  She became more confident and people were drawn towards her. Her inner personality  was started shining like diamond. Life became simpler, honest, direct, less confusing and relaxed. They learnt to have faith, trust in people.  Catherine could learn her insight through it’s super-conscious state regarding her weaknesses,  strength. She could figure out the behavioural attributes which needed her attention in order have improvement. There was learning from masters on eradication of fears, especially fear of death, learning about trust and forgiveness.

The messages / behavioral patterns learned through regressions therapy and masters are evident is almost all spiritual books of any religion (say The Bhagawat Geeta, The Bible, The Korhan etc.). Those books intent to teach people about the spirits of life as well. But unfortunately many of us dislike or reluctant to learn from those messages. There lies the success of the book written by Dr.Brian L Weiss.

The way the entire real life story narrated, it became extremely interesting for the present generation.

Look forward reading his other books (Miracles Happen, Through Time Into Healing, Only Love Is Real, Messages From The Masters, Same Soul Many Bodies, Mirrors of Time, Meditation, Eliminating Stress, Finding Inner Peace, Healing the Mind and Spirit Cards) shortly and keep the audience updated.