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“Many Lives, Many Masters” and Many Thoughts

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The book “Many Lives, Many Masters” I read at the end of December immediately my father left us. This was little casual read as someone referred me in order to achieve peace.

Again after 3 years, I read the book more seriously during last Puja vacation and this time I thought of summarizing my read and learning.

“Many Lives, Many Masters” is written by Dr.Brian Weiss and published by Piatkus. Dr.Brian Weiss is a psychiatrist who lives and practices in Miami, Florida. His life got changed during the therapic sessions with his patient “Catherine”.

Catherine was suffering from nightmares and chronic anxiety attacks. Initial sessions during her eighteen months therapy were traditional and failed miserably. Then the sudden surprise came while Catherine began recalling her past life traumas during hypnotic sessions. She had been born in 86 lives so far in several continents in various forms. Interestingly it was evident the souls take birth in close proximity i.e the people associated with Catherine in the present lifetime (not only family, but the friends, boyfriend, teachers, even Dr. Weiss). They were found visible in past lives as well. The moment Catherine could figure out root causes of problems in present times in some other life, the symptoms got vanished and got gradually cured.

More interestingly, Dr. Weiss could receive the messages from the masters in between states of lives where Catherine was floating in some of planes. The explanations of planes, dimensions, vibrations were mind-blowing.

Few of the messages from masters were like this:

  • Our task is to learn throughout our lives and by knowledge we can approach god. Then we comeback and teach others.
  • There are many gods and god resides inside of each of us.
  • Karmic debts are flown from one life to another . The moment we achieve higher level of consciousness, we become strong enough to master the external problems in physical state and in effect those habits we do not accumulate and carry forward in the next life.
  • There are different planes and dimensions. Every soul travels different planes at different times based on the level of consciousness (based on the learning/knowledge/progress during lifetime).
  • We should not only drawn towards people with same vibrations though that is the normal tendency. We must connect people with wrong vibrations to help them. All of us hold intuitive powers and that should be followed instead of resistance.
  • We are given intuitive powers we should follow and not try to resist. Resistance will bring danger. We are not sent back with same level of powers. Someone possess greater amount of powers which got accumulated from other times. All people will reach to a point of equality even though they are not being created  as equal.
  • The souls can crossover one plane to another in-case there are no more learning in the physical state. But they must comeback in the physical states if more learning are pending.
  • Certain attitudes are very important during learning like charity, hope, faith, love. More and more we learn doing without expectation in return (unselfishly ), we come closer to masters.
  • Once we accomplish what we have been sent for, the physical state of life ends. The guidance by masters will come in time when needed in some form.
  • Patience and timing are two key parameters. Everything comes when it must come. This can not be rushed, planned, We must accept what comes to us at a time. Life is endless. We never die and never really born. We just run through different phases. There is no end. Humans have many dimensions.  We see lessons  (which got learned) in time.
  • Fear in mind wastes energy. It stifles humans from fulfilling what there were sent to. We should take our cues on learning from surroundings. That is possible only when we can step in very deep inside the souls. It is like mountains. Inside mountain it is quite, But the trouble is visible outside. But we can see volcano once we can go deep inside.
  • There is no pain in the state of spirits. There are only happiness during spiritual state. Feelings, Pain are evident in physical state. We can hence learn relationship in physical state only. Learning in spiritual state will be different. That is the state of renewal.
  • It is all about growth and learning. There are so many stages of development. We shed a baby body, child, adult, old age. But we keep growing in the spiritual plane as well. Renewal, learning and stage of decision are the development phases. Masters /Spirits decides when, where and why to return. Some may choose not to return and choose some stage of development. Our body is just a vehicle while we are in human state. Our soul and spirits last forever.
  • Learning is much faster in spiritual state than the same in the physical state. But spirits choose what to learn. If needed, they can comeback in physical state to learn something through relationship. However,  the contact can always be established from spiritual state to someone specific in the physical state if choose to and if utmost important. The connection can be through mind, sometimes even like a physical appearance (as it was in a physical state).
  • Coexistence and harmony are the key for the balance of things. Everything must be balanced. Nature is balanced. Nature is about energy , life and restoration. Humans have not learned to do the same. Rather they are prone towards destruction.
  • There are seven planes in all, each one consisting of many levels.One of them is recollection where we are allowed to collect our thoughts. We can even see the life which just got passed. The spirits of higher levels (sages) are allowed to see history.
  • We have debts that must be paid. If we have not paid, then those debts will be carried forward into another life.( page 172)
  • All the seven planes are to be passed before returning to the physical state. The plane of transition determines what we will take back in the next life.We all have a dominant trait, may be greed,lust. Whatever is determined, we need to fulfill our debts to people. We need to learn to overcome this in lifetime. If not, the same will be carry forwarded. The burdens  will become greater life to life in-case debts are not fulfilled. In effect  next life will become harder, otherwise next life can be easy (if debts are fulfilled ).
  • There is a plane which allows souls to manifest themselves to the people who are still in physical form (only if they have left some agreement unfulfilled )
  • there are plane of transition and also plane of awareness. We come from one life, and , if the lessons are completed, we move to another dimension,  another life.

They became  more calm, patient, peaceful. Life was more restful and happier. The life was filled with joy, hope, more purpose and off-course satisfaction.  The fear for death/nonexistence was diminished not only for self, but also for near and dear ones. The learning about anger and resentment, harboring feeling towards people will help us to gain more control on life. With time Catherine appeared more serene, softer and more patient.  She became more confident and people were drawn towards her. Her inner personality  was started shining like diamond. Life became simpler, honest, direct, less confusing and relaxed. They learnt to have faith, trust in people.  Catherine could learn her insight through it’s super-conscious state regarding her weaknesses,  strength. She could figure out the behavioural attributes which needed her attention in order have improvement. There was learning from masters on eradication of fears, especially fear of death, learning about trust and forgiveness.

The messages / behavioral patterns learned through regressions therapy and masters are evident is almost all spiritual books of any religion (say The Bhagawat Geeta, The Bible, The Korhan etc.). Those books intent to teach people about the spirits of life as well. But unfortunately many of us dislike or reluctant to learn from those messages. There lies the success of the book written by Dr.Brian L Weiss.

The way the entire real life story narrated, it became extremely interesting for the present generation.

Look forward reading his other books (Miracles Happen, Through Time Into Healing, Only Love Is Real, Messages From The Masters, Same Soul Many Bodies, Mirrors of Time, Meditation, Eliminating Stress, Finding Inner Peace, Healing the Mind and Spirit Cards) shortly and keep the audience updated.



Author: Sushobhan Mukherjee

Co-founder and CEO of Prime Infoserv LLP, one of the leading System Integrator and IT-space consulting ecosystem of Eastern India working with top pan-Indian and global brands. 18 years of experience in the domain and is a key industry voice with memberships in Indian premier IT trade bodies like NASSCOM and TiE. A bootstrapping enterprise-builder with a high flair for teaching and mentoring.

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