Sushobhan Mukherjee

60 minutes of Turbulence in life

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5th December, 2015.

Yes it was my birthday. But it got ruined due to sudden death of my father-in-law. It was Saturday afternoon, he left us behind and approached for heaven.

December is always horror month so far 2012 onwards. In 2012, lost my father in a sudden heart attack. My mother got neuro attack during death Anniversary of my father in 2013. Then she got shoulder dislocation last year (2014).  And now father-in-law expired all of a sudden in 2015.

But irony is both the deaths (my father and father-in-law) took place in such an unexpected manner, entire balance of life got disturbed with the turbulence. And during both the incidents, I was present throughout and best possible medications arranged as per our capability (and availability). But both the situation was beyond control of medical science and we were left only with the prayers to the Supreme Lord.


30th November, 2015 evening he (father-in-law) played with his Grand Daughters and he was completely in peace and joy. But a major cerebral Attack at 9.30pm caused the major damage to his life. His son (my brother in law) was fortunately in station (actually he stays in Hyderabad with family due to his career) for a family marriage occasion, though he was not at home at that particular moment. However all of us rushed to him by 10pm and incidentally he got admitted in a premiere nursing home in emergency. By this time he was completely unconscious. His last words before leaving home was “I am finished, do take care of your mother. Let me go to my mother “( আমি শেষ, মাকে দেখিস, আমি মায়ের কাছে চললাম ). Now after his death, my realization is that people (soul) get indications of his / her life endpoints. Otherwise why my mother-in-law called us (over phone) even before she goes to see her husband on the first floor? (Father-in-law informed her over intercom that he is not feeling well). And also remember last words of father-in-law (as mentioned above).

30th night was sleepless for us in nursing home emergency and it was followed by a neuro operations next day morning. His Criticality kept on becoming severe and the brain got completely disconnected with rest of the organs. Doctors were never optimist and his misery ended to his death on 5th. The brain hemorrhage was so intense (mid of the brain), it was almost impossible to operate (as per doctors). However doctors tried to create a bypass path by creating a channel to flow fluids externally in order to reduce pressure on brain. Unfortunate the back fire happened due to Aspirin as well (the medicine being taken by major patients in old age to avoid clotting of blood). The medicine influences further secretion of blood even after the attack and made the situation towards unavoidable circumstances.

A 60 minutes turbulence not only taken away a life (he was only 72), but did unbalanced associated people. Brother in law and his family (wife and two daughters) were about to return on 2nd December, 2015. They were forced to cancel their ticket and in effect elder daughter missed her exams, junior missed out getting forms for new admission.


Asesh Darsan Chatterjee (father in law) was a great person with very humble and gentle approach. He was very soft, friendly, but expressive character. He loved talking to people with a big smile. Interacting with new people and build good connection was in his fingertips. Almost everyone in my locality knows him as used to talk with everyone. Appreciations to everyone even for a small cause was his great characteristic. He was dead against of being rude / tough on kids. Always he cared of them with gifts of any price. He was very particular about quality. He used to visit defense canteen (being ex-army person) very frequently in order to bring stuffs for grandchildren.

He had been to several places in India during his working tenure starting from Pune to coochbihar. It was a thrilling experience while listening from his mouth about his life experience. He was an enriched soul, having deep inclination towards spirituality. It seems his experience/learning objective in this physical state was accomplished and in effect he left for a different plane/dimension. His life in this state must have accumulated more karmic debt and in effect his next life will be easier and more meaningful.


In a three years window I had experienced two persons’ demise all of a Sudden. Both of the fathers almost took the same path of evacuation from life. My father was admitted in the nursing home in planned manner for monitoring (since he had a major sugar fall last day). He was admitted at 9.30 am. The massive Attack appeared at 9.45am all of a sudden and taken away the life by 10.15am. It was such a rapid Attack, Trop T could not detect the same as well. Same was for father in law this time.

May their souls rest in peace. My prayer to the supreme lord to keep them with the best possible ways and guide us in case any assistance can be extended through our small possible karmic life here.







Author: Sushobhan Mukherjee

Co-founder and CEO of Prime Infoserv LLP, one of the leading System Integrator and IT-space consulting ecosystem of Eastern India working with top pan-Indian and global brands. 18 years of experience in the domain and is a key industry voice with memberships in Indian premier IT trade bodies like NASSCOM and TiE. A bootstrapping enterprise-builder with a high flair for teaching and mentoring.

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