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“Live life King Size” : A Biopic

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Live life “King Size”.

This statement is very well known and I am not here to suggest audience why/how to do it?

Rather I will here take you through a life story of a person and I presume the self will be self-explanatory how he did it.

It is about my father Late Gautam Kumar Mukherjee. 14th December was his death anniversary. He left us heavenly on 14th December, 2012. He was 67 years old during death. Below are few glimpses in my childhood

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His life was eventful, blended with fight, turbulence, enthusiasm, excitement and enlightenment.

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Late Paresh Chandra Mukherjee was originated from Dhaka Vikrampur and he belongs to Murapra Jaminder family. He was a decent business man during his time in Bengal and owned a pitch board box manufacturing plant during 40s. Unfortunately he had a major road accident and met unfortunate demise at the age of 49years only. He left five of children behind (4sons and one daughter) including my father. My father was the third child of my grandparents (one elder brother and one elder sister, two younger brothers). During my grandfather’s death, my father was at class seven and his youngest brother was only four years old. So he caught into difficult situations of life where he had been bound to become tough fighter not by choice, but by force.

But he not only survived, but countered the situation on his favor under the guidance of maternal uncle ( he had to act like a guardian of the family as his elder brother not only ruined the family business, but also escaped from the situation and settled in Mumbai keeping entire family behind).

He got settled himself in career, gradually built house in Birati (my present home where I reside since birth). The land was procured by my grandfather as after Independence, they came from Bangladesh and settled in a rented place in Daksnineswar. With the rise of business, grandfather had plans to construct family house in Birati. But unfortunatel same could not be materialized due to his accidental death.

Gradually elder sister got married, family situation revived and my father led it on his own shoulder.

This was just one side of his characteristics. But he was multi-talented man.

He was a great athlete. In his time own lot of office championship not only in outdoor games (running, long jump, football), but also in indoors (cards, carom etc). In my childhoods all costly crockeries in my house was the prizes own by him during games.

Below are few pictures of his live performance and prizes:

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Few of his prizes:

IMG_20151220_155229 IMG_20151220_163352

He was fond of traveling. He had covered almost all corners of India including tracking. I heard so many stories of tracking speacily nanda devi, keder-badri etc. This got inherited to me since my childhoods. We visited somany places togetherlike kashir, entire south India, gujrat and Rajasthan, simla-kulu-manal, nainitali , char dham , sundarban , dooars, north-east, bangladesh etc. The trips were long terms (15 – 20 days together) in groups. I had been to the trips completely by bus (Kolkata to Kolkata). 50 people together with cook, helper, food ingredients with us were awesome experience. There had been several overnight travels by bus and we did took breaks in petrol pump at night. Our cooks used to make quick dinner (rice, daal, sabji, egg/chicken) and it was indeed a picnic mood (kids like us used to sing, recite, play mean the time food was ready). Audience might be wondering or may be finding is troublesome, but believe me the kind of joy we had was absolutely not available in our today’s luxurious trips.

Few snaps below as he went for trecking:


Few other travel pictures:


As we went together places:

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Everytime we used to comeback, general practise was to take snaps with all children in our locality surrounding our home. Now I can relate, how those small things created better social bonding and retained our sweet memories.


He was foodie and was popular in the community. There were several stories which are still on words in our relatives. There was an incident of a marriage ceremony where he took 163 rassgollas after full course heavy meal (this is not a story).

Every event (marriage, burial, sports, picnic, tour/travel anything and everything) in our locality, friends circle, relatives, he was a default choice to lead, guide, drive. Even today I find people regrets his absence in case of any occasions. “আজ যদি গৌতম বেঁচে থাকতো, তাহলে কি আর আমাদের কোন চিন্তা ছিল?”(We would have been tension free if Gautam was here) was the latest version of thoughts during invitation for the death rituals during father in laws death.

Anyone wanted to plan a trip, his suggestions/guidance was must in our circle. His experience, tips, inputs were most valuable to them (as he visited most of the places) apart from his knowledge/passion for the subject.

He did not have a professional singing training, but he was a good singer. He was an armature performer. Every year he used to organize and perform in Office Drama with his friends. I have several of such performance in Mahajati Sadan. All office colleagues used to join their with family (different ambiance, culture compared to today’s night party with hard drinks, DJ and dance). I had seen him performing in “Raktakarabi” in local club associations.


He has been instrumental in organizing Durgapuja, Kalipuja in his time. He was a hardcore communist and used to be deeply engaged in political activities in 70s.

The organization skills, management abilities, Execution process were truly awesome and would have been automatic choice in any organization project management present needs. Let me give you a small example of my marriage. There were around 50+ relatives were supposed to come and stay for 3 days. Staying arrangements for them were with the surrounding houses besides our home.

Every house was populated with daily ingredients (bucket, mug, soap, shampoo, mosquito coil, oil, bedding). There were delighted people to look after starting from morning tea, breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner. Every possible transactions were drafted, planned, documented and executed with perfection in time with the assistance of my mother.

He was a government worker. But I have never seen him dipped into the so-called work culture. He never missed office (unauthorized leaves) due to any issues (natural calamities, ill health or any other petty issues). He was punctual at office timings and accountable/responsible for his work with his heart (the attitude is missing in today’s private enterprise even).

His life was extremely disciplined, time bound and well planned. His personality was little tough , rigid and straight. People used to be afraid (incuding me) of him due to his angry image, his loud/bold voice.

I still wonder how he could connect different dimensions of life. Our present problems of “bandwidth crunch” seem to be pitty if we compare with him.

The journey from down to top, building / earning “roti, kapra, makaan” by ownself and then touching different spirits of life truly reveals “Living life King size”.

Let his soul rest in peace. Looking forward meeting him in some form in some life.


Author: Sushobhan Mukherjee

Co-founder and CEO of Prime Infoserv LLP, one of the leading System Integrator and IT-space consulting ecosystem of Eastern India working with top pan-Indian and global brands. 18 years of experience in the domain and is a key industry voice with memberships in Indian premier IT trade bodies like NASSCOM and TiE. A bootstrapping enterprise-builder with a high flair for teaching and mentoring.

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