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“Oh No, Not Again” ! Is it your reaction thinking one more negative article in my blog? .

Hold on ! Your Patience is being tested for next few minutes.

I have written several sections in previous days on the pain points of an entrepreneur, manpower issues, echo system negativity and so on. And few of my active readers complained about it – stating “I am getting too much bogged down into negativity”.

But point is different, I was never been influenced, induced into negativity even though the overall sorounding echo system is prone towards the same. In terms of spelling out those negative characteristics in different forms (writing blogs/articles, lectures, trainings) was intended to articulate the negatives sothat all of us (including me) may not repeat the mistakes (learning from past experience) and stay tuned towards positive spirits of life. In eighteen years of my career (12 years in employment and 6 years of Entrepreneurship so far), my intention was always to ride the boat against the wave. There were several situations like follows:

  • Something is not happening,
  • some work is getting impacted,
  • customer service is getting suffered, quality is being impacted,
  • performance is being dipped for a group/organization,
  • People are not able to handle it,
  • People are not able to understand positive philosophies of life.

In all those cases, my tendency was to take part into transactions in order to get things done in order to make them understand “how negatives can be converted into positives” (otherwords “leading from the front”). But unfortunately I could not turn a small leave of the tree and instead burdened myself into bandwidth crunch, stress and off course became dissatisfied, irritatated, impatient, short tempered and unhappy.

In retrospection in last few months, I discovered that I was wrong and in effect practicing to restratezige my thoughts.

Before stepping into more deliberation on the same, let me tell you a story (though real one).

Champa is our cook for last one year. She used to cook for us earlier also. She left and joined back in the second innings. Below are few of her beharial approaches:

  • She cannot make “milk tea”,
  • she do not cook chicken/meats
  • She never prepared Pithe, Payes, Beguni and do not know how to cook.
  • She does not eat several fishes and curries. And off course she is reluctant to cook those (or learn).
  • She can neither prepare spices manually due to back pain nor she can not handle mixy (rather she is reluctant to learn it’s handling).
  • She asks every steps (no of spoons of oil, salt, duration of sauté/boiling) and even sometimes pushes my mother/wife to wake up from sleep and taste (she cooks in abnormal time – 3pm to 5pm as her other slots are occupied due to extreme demand).

She conducts all pujas at her home (apart from traditional durgapuja, kalipuja, rashpurnima, manasa puja, kartik puja even) and all pujas she devotes herself to the devine god/godess with fasting. In effect she loves to take leave on those days.

She stays in a 5 mins walking distance from our home, but every possible events (like vote, strike by any political party), she avoids attending work due to fear factor.

Lastly, most importantly, during last durgapuja my in laws (father in law and mother in law) stayed with us for around a month. End of the month she told my mother to contribute some additions to her salary due to 2 additional persons. Her monthly salary INR 2250 ( family members 3 adults and 2 kids).

Thanks for your patience for reading such a long story and it appears to be irrelevant to you.

No. It’s not ! The story reveals overall attitude towards work – let it be a cook or office boy, sales guy, service engineer. The reactions / behavioral attitude of everyone is focused on finding reasons/clauses for “non-doing things”. Same is applicable to taxi drivers, rikswa walla, auto drivers, office employees and even my kids.

Yellow taxies are always having protest against new Services (Ola, uber, taxi for sure etc), but even in busy afternoon they are reluctant to go almost anywhere. At 2pm afternoon 4 yellow taxies refused to ride ultadanga to airport stating ” lunch time”, “Break cord broken” ( তার কাটা) ” Will not go that side” (ওদিকে যাব না). Interestingly got same answers while intented to travel camac street to esplanade same time other day ( people who are familiar with Kolkata geography, may clearly understand the locations are in proper Kolkata only, not outside).My immediate reaction comes in this situation s “Where you will go”?. But now I realized no point wasting temper/energy in those situations.

Situations are having no alterations while dealing subordinates/employees. If there is a sudden need of a customer support for whole night and situation arises in the morning only (I.e emergency, no prior information/preparation), employees will come out will all possible exercises and you will feel yourself in awkward situations (thinking who is employer):

  • Having some personal work tonight, can not do it
  • Why did not intimate me earlier?
  • Why don’t you allocate this to ” X” ( his fellow colleague, though he will have reservations in the same lines or different)
  • Better would be to ask customer to do it day after tomorrow.
  • Why Customer cannot do it in normal working office hours?

Ideal response comes to my mind is “****” (yes “slang”), but I have learnnt now holding my nerve as no point riding the boat against the wave.

There were situations where I tried to make people understand, mould their philosophies to turn into positives, but all went in vain. Neither they followed my principle, nor could deliver results (not interested more precisely).Rather, I know in these situations, people always believe:

  • These thoughts (my imposed thoughts) are impractical, impossible, un realistic
  • Those are wastage of time
  • Something else/some other thoughts / mechanisms should be tried instead of those idealistic philosophies.
  • The thoughts are useless, non sense.
  • Unnecessary speed will spoil the game.

So hold yourself. Why to waste time and energy in serving people who does not deserve it ( উলুবনে মুক্তো ছড়ানো)?

We can not control anyone other than self. The moment self control is utmost, that will reflect positive energies and attract people towards it (pull) instead we forcefully make them understand (push).

Let us store our energy to use it at proper time.


Author: Sushobhan Mukherjee

Co-founder and CEO of Prime Infoserv LLP, one of the leading System Integrator and IT-space consulting ecosystem of Eastern India working with top pan-Indian and global brands. 18 years of experience in the domain and is a key industry voice with memberships in Indian premier IT trade bodies like NASSCOM and TiE. A bootstrapping enterprise-builder with a high flair for teaching and mentoring.

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