Sushobhan Mukherjee

“Me Too” Syndrome – RCA for Business Collapse


Customer: “Do you do ERP?”

Vendor : “Yes Sir, we have in house developed ERP both client server based and Web Based, but we have tie-ups with SAP, Microsoft dynamics and if budget is a constraint we can give you Tally as well”

Customer: “Wow, you have a platter of ERP solutions, how many people you have in your team?

Vendor : “Sir, we have 40 people with us having offices across India, US and UK, we do website development also sir”

Customer: “Web Development?”

Vendor : “Yes sir, we do portals, SEO, video, animations, virtual reality, 3D visualization…”

Customer: “Doing so many things? How do you manage?”

Vendor : “That’s the innovation sir, our project management and time management are the keys to the success. Not only that Sir, we have teams to handle your IT integration, security solutions, embedded systems etc.”

Customer: “But what is your value additions? Why people will give you order? What is your strength?”

Vendor : “Emm…Sir…Sir…we are doing it for years for so many customer, X given us, Y given us…Z…”

Customer: “But why? Why someone will give you?”

Vendor : Yes…ya..means…we work on quality, commitments, timelines ….’

Customer: “But those are very qualitative statements, no quantification…everyone else also do it, what is your differentiate factors?

Vendor : “ Sir we can help you with lowest possible price and best in quality”

Customer: “OK, will come back to you

Vendor : “Sir, should I send you a mail with our profile and offer?”

Customer: “No, not now, we will ask for it when needed”

These are imaginary discussions between a potential buyer and seller in a business conference. But the factualism is not imaginary. Rather this is the reality of market where all companies do almost everything with a mode “we also provide that service which other company” so that not a single opportunity gets slipped out from hand. This in effect does not create any value/credibility other than one more vendor in the crowd and in effect pricing becomes the only deciding factor. All vendors with same platter attack the one potential buyer and fight between themselves only on price and finally even when someone gets it, it becomes a nightmare during delivery due to excessive low price and everyone (including customer) starts bleeding. This is some kind of cannibalism which not only kills the eco system, but also facilitates death of lot of vendors/service providers. In effect the vendor company will not get desired growth, rise and wealth and rather they will start fighting for survival.

Moreover, most of the companies do so many things, they cannot build competency. They try to fetch an order somehow and then try to get it done by “Jugad” methodology of outsourcing. As a result, the people further downstream gets peanuts and off course quality, delivery timeline are bound to be pathetic. This way the chicken-egg story continues and business does not grow.

Beware of “Me Too” syndrome. It is curable if you under a true doctor and plan to migrate yourself towards the growth.

How? Think it yourself in a peaceful mind!



Author: Sushobhan Mukherjee

Co-founder and CEO of Prime Infoserv LLP, one of the leading System Integrator and IT-space consulting ecosystem of Eastern India working with top pan-Indian and global brands. 18 years of experience in the domain and is a key industry voice with memberships in Indian premier IT trade bodies like NASSCOM and TiE. A bootstrapping enterprise-builder with a high flair for teaching and mentoring.

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