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Data Trends 2015

Happy New Year Friends!

Year 2014 was flooded to datas. We were floating among datas and the trends were evolving and breaking all of it’s past benchmarking.

Few of the data patterns of 2014 are listed below as I read in different channels:

  • Facebook users shared more than 17 million ice bucket challenge videos to support ALS research, reaching 440 million people, who racked upto 10 billion views
  • The final match of the 2014 Fifa World Cup spurred a record worth 618725 tweets/minute and 280 facebook interactions
  • University of Sao Paolo in Brazil deployed first and largest private cloud in Latin America. They consolidated 150 datacentres to 6 datacentres (reducing storage requirements by 90% despite 30% growth in Data)
  • Based on Data from NASA’s Kepler Mission identified an unprecedented batch of 715 new planets, bringing the total known planets to nearly 1700.
  • The Winter Olympic Games in Sochi generated a record of 102000 hours of TV and digital broadcasting (4.1 billion viewers)
  • Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba manages n average of 11.3 billion orders every year (231 million active buyers). In September, it enjoyed the largest IPO in US history, raising $21.8 billion.
  • Elien DeGeneres’ celebrity-filled selfie at the 86th Academy Awards racked up more than 2 million retweets before the end of the telecast, breaking Twitter records.
  • In February, the simple mobile game Flappy Bird reached 50million downloads over 100 countries.
  • Within an hour of U2 offering their single “invisible” for free in a Super Bowl XLVIII ad, the song racked up more than a million iTunes downloads.

Data moments will evolve and exceed last year’s pattern as well this year. Let us keep our eyes open and watch how the hype of Big Data becomes actionable this year.

Ideally this year should converge, automate and integrate the Big Data.

With the growth of unstructured data new types of distributed, scale out storage might be in need keeping data analytics in mind. The adoption of hybrid clouds (the combination of private and public cloud) should be gaining momentum in this year.

Data centres are expected to be infinite where Racks will get denser, performance per kilowatt will increase and smaller data centers will be able to handle more. The change will emphasize logical growth without physical growth.

With personal clouds and shrinking data centres the mobility will become easier to meet the needs of consumers.

In 2015 we are expected see a shift towards data-driven cultures in case we truly want to reap all the benefits of Big Data Strategy. Analytics will become deeply, but invisibly embedded everywhere.

Data storage has become so cheap these days, that organizations can almost store any data they want, whether they will immediately use it or not. Having a data lake, gives users instant and easy access to all that data and you don’t need to design a data model beforehand. Data lakes are relatively new, but in 2015 we will see more organizations experiment with data lakes.

Let us ride the Data Wave, evolve , sync with the trend and get ourselves aligned with time and get the utmost benefits.

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Internet of Things


Year 2014 was congested with SMAC and IOT. SMAC stands for “Social Mobility Analytics Cloud” and IOT stands of “Internet of Things”.

We intent to connect anything and everything and collect lot of information (big data) from different sources, Analyse, structure and use them as per our need.

We are talking of Smart cities where everything, everyone is connected using fibre, wireless in lightning fast speed so that collection of information happens in a flash and decision making becomes faster even before we can think.

But what all we are connecting?

We are trying to connect non IT elements ( since IT elements like computers, storage, router, switch , firewall, server, mobile etc are meant to be connected by default) like UPS, Genset, Air conditioner, Biometric, CCTV, Passive Cables, Rooms, Doors, Gates, Apparels and anything else you may think. We are deploying RFID, Wi-Fi, Cable and other technologies to connect.

But interestingly we are trying to connect elements which are not having life.

What happens to the living elements? How do we connect with our near dear ones, our friends, relatives and even unknowns? How do connect with animals, trees, other living creatures? Can we collect data of minds, thoughts, emotions, dreams and analyse?

Can we connect with souls, spirits, and living creatures outside this solar systems?

The answer is “Big No”.

Then what is the fun in concentrating on SMAC and IOT? Rather it is de-focusing from self, from our insight.

Can we not practice and concentrate the powers we have within? Our monks did so for years in ancient ages.

They could concentrate the power of mind, could connect with the other mind, and read them. They used to analyse the astronomy and relate with bodily elements and in effect could able to do the trend analysis (let it be past, present or future).

Did we think of this data systems? Is this not big data? Is this not analytics?

Is this not connectivity?

Trust readers could visualize the picture demonstrated in the movie “Avatar”


Friends can we bring our focus back to the real power which can connect life.

The real “Internet of things”.