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Dewang Mehta Memorial Lecture & Felicitation of Toppers


I had never been to Jorhat earlier even though I am a frequent traveler to North-East for last 10 years. This time the option arrived due to Nasscom for the occasion of Dewang Mehta Memorial Lecture to be held at Kaziranga University, Jorhat. I was invited being a Nasscom member to represent Industry side to the academia.

The event was scheduled on 21st August, 2015.

We started on 20th morning and flown to Dimapur. It was around two hours ride to reach Kaziranga University. We reached around 5pm and literally rushed towards Kaziranga Golf Resort to take part in the inaugural dinner at 7pm onwards.

This was an awesome place. Such a lush green with 18 holes golf course is one of the neatly maintained in India.

IMG-20150823-WA0002 IMG-20150823-WA0001

We got introduced with distinguished guests, delegates, trustees, officials due course and the same was followed by cocktail dinner.

We returned hotel quite late and the return journey was quite adventures. Coz it was quite dark (rather no light) and the 30 mins drive through tea gardens was fascinating.

Actual program was next day.

Dewang Mehta

Dewang Mehta was one of rare visionaries from India in nineties when IT boom was not that prominent.

He envisioned a world where the Indian ICT industry would play a key role on the strength of its technology talent and skilled IT manpower.

Dewang Mehta envisioned of connectivity as commodity and vouched for the slogan “Roti, Kapra, Makan, Bijli and Bandwidth” (Food, Clothes, Homes, Electricity and Bandwidth) as a need of emerging, 21st century Indian.

The period 1991-2001 was the era of transformation and growth, for both Nasscom and Dewang Mehta. He was instrumental in defining Indian it strategies and roadmap for future. The NASSCOM got a new dimensions under his leadership.

Post his sudden demise, his family and relatives accumulated all his wealth and formed a charitable trust on his memory for betterment of the society in India.

Nasscom Tribute Video on Dewang Mehta must be watched if you have not seen earlier.

 And the occasion we all gathered at Kaziranga University, Jorhat is for the “Dewang Mehta memorial Lecture & Felicitation of Toppers”


Kaziranga University

Kaziranga University was founded in the year 2012 by Khetan Industrial Group and promoted under the banner of North Eastern Knowledge Foundation (NEKF). The University is aspired to be a 21st Century University with a focus on research in emerging areas of Science, Technology and Management. The vision is to change lives through knowledge and apply it for the benefit of humanity. The futurestic vision found with Dr.PK Mishra and Dr.Rai were truely instrumental.


The day

We reached the venue by 9.30am and the program was about to start. Chief Guest and dignitaries were in the dais and initiated the program with lamp lighting. It was followed by felicitation of Guests, Welcome Address by Prof. Sunil Rai (VC, KU), Inaugral Address by Rajiv Vaishnav (VP, Nasscom), Address by Shri Vishal Solanki (IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Jorhat), Felicitation of Dignitaries from Industry and academia. These were followed by the next special sessions.

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20150822_184418   20150822_184657   20150822_184606

Dewang Mehta Memorial Lecture by Sanjay Mehta

Sanjay Mehta, MD of Teleperformance, India kicked off with the emerging trends of business in a tribute to Dewang Mehata, the visionary of IT in India. His enlightening pitch was truly instrumental and unveiled different spheres of business. He said that our competitions are following us and if we are not attentive, disruption of existing businesses will be the outcome. Yellow taxis could not visualize the Waves of Uber and Ola. The entire dynamics got changed with the appearance of Spotify, Natflix and so on.

The scenarios will get complex day by day. The baton of decision making power has already been shifted to “Customer”.

If we cannot adopt with the evolving trends, the existence might be at stake like Nokia (who got vanished from the market within two years).

The customer centricity has even flattened down organization pyramid structure. Instead of CEO, customer is the king in today’s scenarios.

Hence in order to be in the wave of changes, we need to be transparent, versatile, innovative and strategic.

Non-metros will be the future of India and if we focus there instead of competing only in metros, we can address the larger audience with bigger scope, spirits and opportunities.

Time has come for the non-metros to be proud as it holds huge potential to lead India.

Windows 8 was globally launched from the BPO of Indore and Jaipur, whereas Jaipur led it during Windows 10 global launch. And incidentally it was done by Sanjay Mehta’s company only.


Workshop by Dr. Bhooshan Kelkar

Dr. Bhooshan is the director of MobiuSutra Consulting Pvt Ltd. He is an ex IBM and presently envisioned to train Indian youth starting from higher education to engineering and management cadre. His topic for the discussion was “Employability and Innovation”.

He put us to think on our approaches, thought processes. There are several scientific tools and technologies to map human affinities and channelize/ focus towards that to achieve greater heights of life.

Self-Discovery Tool, Psychometric Tests, Johari Window, IQ and Aptitude Tests are few of the mechanism as briefed by him.

Similarly there are “Criticality and Innovation Tools” as well like 6 thinking Hats Workshop, Creativity Workshop, Games.

Next sections were amazing. He revealed some wonderful unknown free tools/portals on Online remote internship, online learning for school/college students, general learning courses, publishing journals and surely filing patents.

The Eye-opener fact was all the tools he revealed were having major industry acceptance, world’s renowned university accreditation. Moreover, he narrated a case study on against each of the tool, how it was beneficial to the students/participants in terms of better opportunity, getting jobs, getting sponsorship and so on.

He shows two videos on the ground to changing thought process. “Visa all it takes” and “You can do it” both were awesome.

Finally the one punch phrase of “Hungry and Angry” was the killer. If you have fire in the belly, success will follow.


Interaction of CEOs with Students

This section was moderated by Mr.Nirupam Chowdhury, Regional head, Nasscom-East and Panel Members were Ms. Soma Banerjee (Co-founder and CEO, Business Brio), Myself (Sushobhan Mukherjee, Co-Founder and CEO, Prime Infoserv LLP) and Ms.Atreyee Borooah Thekedath (Director, Webcom Media). The discussion agenda was “Industry needs for Employment”. We kept on talking on the same points which keep on saying in other institutes as well:

  • Attitude matters than skills
  • Instead of Skills , the thought can be mold towards knowledge so that it inherits the capability to apply the same to life
  • The shift in mindset towards start-ups instead only dreaming about biggies.
  • The differences between “Job” and “Earning” to be understood.
  • The sense of accountability, ownership, approach may act as the differentiators.
  • Keeping eyes open and adopting to upcoming technology trends (like Internet of Things) beyond academia will lead them towards the leading path.
  • In case, students are having risk taking appetite, entrepreneurship may help them in long run as well.(In case of any mentoring, guidance, funding , directions, they may reach anyone of us).


Topper’s Felicitations

The felicitation program was not only for Kaziranga University, rather almost all colleges from Northeast like Silchar, Dibrugar, Jorhat, Assam were invited. There was majority of girls in the toppers list.

IMG_2459 IMG_2559

Cultural Program

Cultural program was with traditional Assam dances, songs followed by blockbuster Hindi songs. All the performance was conducted by the students only.



Return was 22nd August, 2015(Saturday) afternoon. We did not leave the chance to have city ride and also collecting some very special local legacy.



It was refreshing three days out of traditional busy schedule. In midst of nature, with the orientation with industry leaders, academicians, students were truly energizing. Overall arrangements, hospitality by Kaziranga University, Dewang Mehta Foundation Trust and Nasscom were awesome. I intend to come back here in the university and off course the golf course in near future with different objectives. The students found to be having entrepreneurial spirits. Me and my fellow members in Bengal entrepreneur echo system would love to assist, mentor in near future.

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Dighalgram – Ultimate Destination for Advanced Learning

Last Sunday (15-06-2014) my weekend destination was Dighalgram.

It was far away from City. In a busy Sunday schedule, I was very reluctant to go there. But somehow it was one of my good old friend who convinced me to go there. The agenda was to see the great works being done in rural education segment for the people having difficulties to have opportunity.


The school was Dighalgram Netaji Vidyapith High School (DNVHS), situated 9.5 Km away from Habra. Several people from different segment arrived there as a part of Annual General Meeting.


The initiative is by Future Society who aims to deliver affordable, efficient and effective educations for the people having no or limited education.

It was amazing experience where we found almost all teaching stuff including the Head Teacher was present in a holiday like Sunday in a government school for a non-profit social cause. The following implementations are already as a part of pilot project of Future Society:

  • DESH – Digitally Enabled Study Help
  • qCard – qCard is basically an effective assessment methodology using an application (developed by Microsoft TEM Research Team ) . qCard is a very effective means to implement Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) at schools.

NCERT (National Council Of Educational Research And Training) has invited the model school DNVHS at national seminar on 27th June in New Delhi for presenting for the project named ‘Development of reusable Learning Contents and interactive Student Response System with optimal information technology’.

We had seen all different classrooms and digital lessons already prepared on different subjects for various classes.

Overall wonderful experience and appreciate whole hearted efforts by the persons attached to it.

Let us all support and take part in this social cause in order to create it bigger, sustainable and scalable so that it can create a social revolution.

Big leap is on the way if all of us can join hands for our future generation.