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Retrospection of Present Recruitment Problems – PART I

Off late, we are observing humongous problems in recruitment. Getting resources, make them work, retain them, get them motivated. Let it be start-up, larger organization, situations are same everywhere. In this blog I will try to search answers and retrospect the root cause. All cannot be written in single blog. Hence, I will try to document it through few episodes.

No respect to work:

We have a gardener at home who comes in morning and feeds water to plants in the garden every day with a monthly contract. He takes weekly off on Friday.  One of the week recently, he took a leave on Thursday for a medical checkup of his wife and was reluctant to adjust it with his weekly off on Friday (which was just the next day). But he continued to be absconding on the following Saturday and Sunday as well. Suddenly he appeared on Sunday afternoon to inform that tomm onwards he would continue as usual in the morning. The answer as justification of his absence during Saturday took my blood off. He said he did not turn up for the reason that he was not feeling to work on a Bengali new year’s day ( yes, the Saturday 15th April, 2017 was the kick off of Bengali new year 1424) in order to prevent  his hard work during every day of the proceedings days of the year.

2nd incident was also took place today. Two aspiring drivers came to meet me today as was searching for a new regular driver. He expressed all his expectations like he needs INR 12K as monthly salary on 12hrs working for 6 days a week, more than 12hrs, per hrs overtime charge INR 40, in case some Sunday he needs to work, he will work on extra money as per prevailing Driver Center charges, He will be charging for Rs.3 per km for outstation travel where lodging/boarding etc will be extra on actual. His bonus will be one month’s salary during Puja. In final notes he concluded that the driving job is very tedious job where he has been on the field, staying all the day with the cab, very tiring for out stations, as he has to drive so long. What he tried to mean was even after so many troubles he was favoring myself by charging so little, rather he had accepted the hardworking, suffering for me only to help me.

There are enough examples like this and I can write several books now on similar real life examples ( I am actually  documenting this in “Fools’ Walk” series of books along with my coauthor Pritam).

Both the examples above clearly indicates the vision of a job aspirant or an employee/worker towards a job which feeds him/her money for the survival. Unless you love it, think it is priority, feels from the heart it is important for your family, the result can never be best. The outcome will be percentage output; there will be always distance/unhappy feeling with the employer and in effect most of the times wicket falls.

lollipop Generation

The headline is being qued from one the senior fellow Entrepreneur. This is more applicable for the present generation youth. In present era, there is one or two kids in a nuclear family. Parents have always been protective, possessive and primitive. The social economic standing enforces for best schooling, branded cloth, gadgets, gaming console, and loads of extracurricular activities to have a bight future for the kids. But the too protective pampered environment makes them relaxed, less hard-working, less competent to handle real life situations, inclined towards struggle free life.

There were situations where people declined to visit Arunachal ( north-eastern state of india) since their parents did not approve them going that far and in a disturbed terrain like this ( I really do not know why and how Arunachal  becomes a disturbed terrain). Even there have been instances where people preferred to resign instead of opting an out location travel to Baharampur (in the district of Murshidabad, West Bengal.).

You might have seen latest “Parle” advertisements where teacher called mother to complain about the child behavior in class. The mother was questioned incase if she was about the same and surprisingly she countered that even sir is unaware about the biscuits for parents and kid are manufactured by same biscuit company. Useless advertisement, but reveals true retrospection of the society where teacher can be further questioned in front of the student. That is reason even a teacher slaps a student in class for wrong behaviour,  the same may lead to a police case, media story and personal life threat for the teacher outside school territory.

This philosophy getting started from grassroots stage, will surely impact future professional  life as well.

Entrepreneurship :

Now a days buzz of Entrepreneurship is flowing almost everywhere. All colleges, universities, associations, government, even corporations are floating schemes, facilities,  mentoring, funding, incubation to manufacture entrepreneurs to have self-sufficient independent youth to stand on their feet without any job. But unfortunately that does not happen.  Entrepreneurship does not only about just popping out an idea, but to execute the idea, build teams, sell the product/services to customers and earn money, manage funds, handle statutory, legal etc. More precisely entrepreneurship is not about riding on someone else’s money without any struggle, hard work. Rather the reverse rosy picture is being hallucinated that entrepreneurship is about free-flowing life where you can earn a lot of glories, lime light, fame, name etc without much of struggle.  And most of the people finally fail, but the mindset gets injected of a free-flowing, non-obligatory, hassle free, non-accountable lifestyle and in effect the youth do not get comfort to a job where they are answerable or bound by Kra/appraisal system.

That is also applicable for experienced ones. People are losing jobs every now and then. Few people are leaving jobs for bosses, salaries, exploitation by employers, adjustment with the culture, locational problems, office timings, salary disbursements delays and so many other things.  But the very interesting things most of them, first leave jobs and then search for options (those who had not lost job). Then after some time when they fail to get any suitable jobs, these people jumps into business in a “Me Too” model. Finally, most of them either fail or spoil the market by low pricing, desperation of orders, quoting without understanding and so on.

Finally, market dynamics gradually get evolved and in effect expectations from the aspiring job seekers change, which does not fit in to industry needs. In effect, the gap gets prolonged between employer and employee expectations.  And yes, end result yields retrenchment, resignation, leaving absconding etc disrupts business dynamics.

Choosing Job Options

In seven years of my business,  I did not find much of people interested in field jobs be it technical or sales. Everyone expressed inability of hard work in hot humid sunny days, rainy season, out location travel etc.

In a campus interview, we had selected 7 diploma engineers, 3 in technical and 4 in sales. All of them joined and that time we had tried to implement full HR process. Initial 15 days were full in-house training, before they will be placed for production. But after induction process of 15 days, Once the field visits started, 4 Sales guy disappeared by 7 days.  Out of 3 service guys 2 also vanished in 15 days for the reason of out-location travel (someone had to catch morning 6.30am train for a 4 hours journey on a site survey).

I have plenty full of incidents to explain the situation.  During interview for experienced ones, I found the latest trend to leave jobs first and then search for jobs. In effect almost any aspiring job seekers having 3 to 6 months break in career graph.

One of my friends referred me to Prakash two months back. Prakash’s mother works as a cook in my friend’s home. Prakash born and brought up in Bihar, but stays now in kolkata.  He comes with a very needy family background.  During face-to-face discussions, I liked him and decided to offer him the job. I continued discussion with him about his notice period in the present job (he was working in a domestic call canter for last 8months). Interestingly it was revealed that he could join immediately as his notice period was about to be over by next couple of days. I was wondering why he left a job without getting a suitable change. However, he kept me further surprised by the fact that he was rather having a job in his bucket and he was about to join there by coming week. My curiosity took an interrogative tone “Why you are further evaluating a job with us then?”. He said he did not find the culture, atmosphere of that organization very fitting for him, rather the organization was seemed to him as very fishy (that he discovered from few of his friends who were already working there).  “But why you resigned from your present job with this dilemma?” my curiosity continued. His answer was mind-boggling “Sir, I worked for so many days, thought of taking a break!”. My reply was instantaneous” What? You are working here only for 8 months, before that you took a 4 months break for your ear operation, Why you need a break again?”. He answered, “Sir, actually next month is my birthday. Thought of having party and other enjoyment in this month and then again search for a suitable job again”. I was speechless and please note neither a single line of discussion is cultivated nor a single iteration in the dialogue.

This section, I will finish with one more story, very latest (garden fresh).

After so many issues with work force, thought of discarding B Tech, diploma, MBA kind of resources and pursued a campus in government youth training where they teach very basics of computers for the people who could not succeed much in terms in their traditional career. Anyway after one such campus interview, selected one candidate for sales. He was good in communication, body language, attitude and approach. He had not problem in field visits. After selection in campus, we asked him to office next day for the final discussion. We further discussed about job scope, opportunities and off course explanations on field visits. But he was extremely positive and excited to join from the very next day. More interestingly, he posted a Facebook update post leaving office about excitement of getting a first job. But unfortunately he did neither join not intimated next day. Once we investigated through the Institute, we have been apprised that his parents did not approve a job for him where he had to spent time in field jobs in hot humid summer.


(To be continued…..)




“Me Too” Syndrome – RCA for Business Collapse

Customer: “Do you do ERP?”

Vendor : “Yes Sir, we have in house developed ERP both client server based and Web Based, but we have tie-ups with SAP, Microsoft dynamics and if budget is a constraint we can give you Tally as well”

Customer: “Wow, you have a platter of ERP solutions, how many people you have in your team?

Vendor : “Sir, we have 40 people with us having offices across India, US and UK, we do website development also sir”

Customer: “Web Development?”

Vendor : “Yes sir, we do portals, SEO, video, animations, virtual reality, 3D visualization…”

Customer: “Doing so many things? How do you manage?”

Vendor : “That’s the innovation sir, our project management and time management are the keys to the success. Not only that Sir, we have teams to handle your IT integration, security solutions, embedded systems etc.”

Customer: “But what is your value additions? Why people will give you order? What is your strength?”

Vendor : “Emm…Sir…Sir…we are doing it for years for so many customer, X given us, Y given us…Z…”

Customer: “But why? Why someone will give you?”

Vendor : Yes…ya..means…we work on quality, commitments, timelines ….’

Customer: “But those are very qualitative statements, no quantification…everyone else also do it, what is your differentiate factors?

Vendor : “ Sir we can help you with lowest possible price and best in quality”

Customer: “OK, will come back to you

Vendor : “Sir, should I send you a mail with our profile and offer?”

Customer: “No, not now, we will ask for it when needed”

These are imaginary discussions between a potential buyer and seller in a business conference. But the factualism is not imaginary. Rather this is the reality of market where all companies do almost everything with a mode “we also provide that service which other company” so that not a single opportunity gets slipped out from hand. This in effect does not create any value/credibility other than one more vendor in the crowd and in effect pricing becomes the only deciding factor. All vendors with same platter attack the one potential buyer and fight between themselves only on price and finally even when someone gets it, it becomes a nightmare during delivery due to excessive low price and everyone (including customer) starts bleeding. This is some kind of cannibalism which not only kills the eco system, but also facilitates death of lot of vendors/service providers. In effect the vendor company will not get desired growth, rise and wealth and rather they will start fighting for survival.

Moreover, most of the companies do so many things, they cannot build competency. They try to fetch an order somehow and then try to get it done by “Jugad” methodology of outsourcing. As a result, the people further downstream gets peanuts and off course quality, delivery timeline are bound to be pathetic. This way the chicken-egg story continues and business does not grow.

Beware of “Me Too” syndrome. It is curable if you under a true doctor and plan to migrate yourself towards the growth.

How? Think it yourself in a peaceful mind!


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Bong Blast !

Yesterday was the 10th edition of Bong Entrepreneurs formal Meetup named “Big Bong”.

I had written earlier also on this on our third and fifth meetup as well. With the platform growing older (as already 9 months old), we are getting matured and quality of the events are getting improved as well.

Always there is a question in the market “Why Bong Entrepreneurs”? Even though I had answered the same in various means, let me try again to repeat the inherent agenda.

It’s been a myth in the market that bongs are not meant for business. But that is not the reality. Bengal had the legacy of Chand Sadagar.


Creation of large enterprise is in Bengal’s blood. “Biswbharati” by Rabindranath Tagore and “Ramakrishna Mission” by Swami Vivekananda are two visionary enterprises from two great entrepreneurs’ souls engaged in seamless and boundary less operation. The wealth of Bengal along with the areas of krisha-godavari basin as some historians opine provided the venture capital of the industrial revolution of Western Europe some two hundred odd years back. Under the influence of the Great Time, Bengal lost its glory and the capital got shifted from Kolkata.


Once a powerhouse of ideas, enterprise, global vision and the intent and competence to achieve, Bengal’s last greatest hour was nothing short of creating modern Indian consciousness.   In spite of having immense intellectual talent and inherited trends with art and culture, Bengal fell behind in ideas and enterprise. Her immense fertility in few decades, during the High Renaissance period perhaps left her weak and emaciated. Like France in Europe, Bengal’s prodigious output made her weak and vulnerable. Like an albatross, she cannot walk for her great wings !

Bong Entrepreneurs born in the spirits of co-existence, harmony, hand holding and collaboration. The aspirations are to touch every cities, every countries and grow together.

We dream of below aspects :

  •  How we can do business together,
  • How we can have businesses among us with our own needs,
  • How we can become an extended sales channel for the fellow entrepreneurs with a pitch of end to end portfolio to customers
  • How we can create a Funding Support System for our members and also assist in preparation for pitching for funding (mentoring)
  • Creating Awareness of different schemes, government policies, it’s deployment mechanism and so on
  • Cherish each other’s successes and assist on pain points
  • Creating an echo system with positive vibes, skilled manpower, non-compete approach etc
  • Touching cultural spirits through music and other means to be de-stressed

10th edition of the meetup took place in one of the government place, very renowned Sisir Mitra Hall, Webel Bhavan (the nodal agency of Bengal). The event was enlightened by the great speakers Mr.Nayan Mukherjee(a finance professional with experience in Financial Analysis & Equity Research, Corporate Finance, Private Equity, Venture Capital & Debt fund raising, and midsized M&A Advisory) Mr.Deepak Kumar Khaitan (a Xaverian, a Fellow Member of ICSI and a Practicing Company Secretary ,  Attached with various associations/institutions, a renowned trainer and speaker)and Ms.Ushasi Sengupta (Miss Universe India 2010 , Founder/CEO at TES and Vice President at Dream World Edu Services LLP). During fireside chat, Mr.Nayan Mukherjee answered several critical questions for start-up financial needs where Mr.Khaitan shared his experiences on company law. My story session by Ms.Sengupta was instrumental where she had shared her journey with the positive vibes.


There was more than fifty participants and the enthusiasm was extremely encouraging. As usual , the core team sat together post the event for further strategies and stay tuned for our upcoming movements.

12688192_10204118018709076_8886738302637089063_n 1 12814601_10204116654874981_1976658600767442513_n

We will surely connect bongs across the globe, crossing the barrier and inducing cross pollination. We want everyone to be with us in this journey to take this movement forward. This has been spelled through a small poem , explicitly written for this event:

jai ho

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EPIC Story of Bengal

EPIC Story

EPIC took birth this year and first instance “EPIC 2016” took place on 16th January, 2016.


As per “google”, EPIC means “a long poem, typically one derived from ancient oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures or the past history of a nation”. In this case the event “EPIC” was an “Entrepreneurs’ Picnic”, but the actual meaning of the word “EPIC” was not lost.

The life across the world has become more impatient, unstable, violent, stressed, unhappy and boring day by day. The business trends are changing, the situations are becoming more competitive. The small businesses will be not able to scale-up, sustain, growth without the hand shaking, collaboration, co-existence and harmony. The same is applicable for life as well. The oppositions (dark forces) are putting enormous amount of money and energy to divert people from “Freedom of thoughts” with the influence of religion, gradation and caste. Those are eminently visible and increasing day by only due to the lesser availability of “Good Culture”. This is the space which will deal with human mind, psychology and intend to focus on cultural movement through creativity.


We have started the movement in our small way. Our first initiative in the series was “Wordcon”. With the success of “Wordcon”, Two other siblings took birth as well “Quality Matters”, “StepOut”.

StepOut focuses on activities outside office for the entrepreneurs. Stepout yielded three of it’s children (EPIC, OffBreak, Outside).

EPIC 2016 is a creative experiment with one known institution of our lives in winter – picnic. But more precisely this is meant for Entrepreneurs of Bengal and it is assumed to first of it’s kind in the fraternity.

EPIC 2016 is different in a sense of latest trending where there loud noise, hard drinks (devoid of 2Ds – DJ and Drinks) were explicitly restricted. It was designed to have a sweet mix of family, kids apart from the entrepreneur him/herself. The daylong picnic was meant beyond any target/pressure, rather to devote time with wisdom, philosophy and restart the journey of entrepreneurship with greater spirits of Positivity.

We, entrepreneurs meet in business events and trade fairs where we all acknowledge the contribution our families have had in our journey. However, we seldom meet together – even socially.


Date: 16th January, 2016

Venue: “Bagan Bari”, Block I, off Jessore Road, Michael Nagar, Kolkata 700 133


8.00am: Welcoming all Guests

8.00am – 10.00am: Morning Tea and Adda

10.00am: EPIC Cake cutting and formal Inauguration

10.00am–12noon: Breakfast, Tea/Cofee with Snacks (Unlimited)

10.00am–12noon: Children Games/Sports, Adult Games

12Noon–1pm: Relaxation and Adda, Mixing

1pm–2.30pm: Lunch

2.30pm – 4.30pm: Performances on “Anything Creative”

4.30pm to 6pm: Tea/Cofee with Somosa/Nimki and Mixing/Adda

Activities Anything Creative Food
Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton, Sports Music, Dance, Drama, Recitation, Reading etc Breakfast : Peas Kachuri with Chana Dal and Sweets
Munching : Veg/Non-veg Snacks with Unlimited Tea/Coffee both morning and evening
Lunch :Fried Appetizers with Salad, Vegetable Fried Rice, Cauliflower Roast, Fish Dumpesta, Chilli Chicken, Chatni, Papad, Rajbhog, Malai Chamcham, Ice Crème, Pan Masala
High Tea : Evening Tea/Coffee  with Samosa, Nimki


The agenda was beyond picnic, rather to connect spirited souls over a cause in the midst of nature. But people had apprehension like follow:

  • It is a marketing trick to earn some money, some glory.
  • “No DJ and No Drinking” might be a show off, rather it will be more prevailing there.
  • Behind “EPIC” some other masterminds are playing to have some different agenda altogether


We, the organizers assembled in the venue before schedule by around 7.30am. Gradually, our designated officers took charge in arrangements like holding flexes, setting up chair, tables, making up fields, accumulating all props needed for the games/activity.

As planned, guests started joining in 8am onward and off course our morning tea was ready by then.

We were feeling fresh with the shiny morning in a rustic Bengal environment. The bungalow had three lawns fully filled with winter seasonal flowers with lass green trees. There were cows, birds, squirrels to act as toppings to add flavors of natures.

 IMG_20160116_084733  IMG_20160116_101137 IMG_20160116_105339 EPIC-0072 EPIC-0075 EPIC-0083 EPIC-0084

Freshly prepared peas Kachuri, Chana dal and sweets were part of our breakfast and followed by inaugural cake cutting.

IMG_20160116_111827  IMG_20160116_111622 IMG_20160116_111352

By this time majority of the participants joined in. People started freaking out as planned in casual mode. Football, Cricket and badminton kicked off in three of the ground.

IMG_20160116_113138  IMG_20160116_105259 IMG_20160116_123821

With some time when people got little tired due to be on field after many days, snacks were ready to be served. Apart from Veg Pakoda and Chicken Pakoda, Green Coconut was ready to serve people thirst with nature.

Gradually children activities got started. Sit and Draw, Dropping balls to the bucket etc.

IMG_20160116_112949 EPIC-0068

Adults went spending time over cricket, badminton etc. Few entrepreneurs were busy in philosophic discussions, business trending, new ideas in a casual relaxed mind.


By this time Lunch was ready. Kids were very hungry by this time and rushed for lunch. Lunch comprised of Egg Devil, Vegetable Fried Rice, Cauliflower Roast, Fish Dumpesta, Chilli Chicken, Chatni, Papad, Rajbhog, Malai Chamcham and Pan Masala. Ice cream with chocolate and strawberry Topping were served in the counter.


Post lunch, people were not ready to waste any time on relaxation. They went ahead on games and freaked out in the wide garden with the charming winter flower.

Sun was about to set at around 4.30pm and our evening snacks were ready. It was hot Samosa with nimki along with Tea/Coffee. But stomach was still full and everyone was reluctant to have it. We packed it for everyone to take back.

Winter evening were nearby and we started our live performance. Kick-off of such activities are always challenging as “who is going to start?” Shibangi initiated it with the theme of of Titanik. Debolina, Anupam, Hrishikesh were next to perform. Kids performed rhymes. My daughter performed a folk dance. My wife also participated in Rabindra Sangeet. Priyam played violin. BN Bhattacharyya and Shampa performed Recitations. I was forced to perform and I took the challenge even though the throat conditions were bad.

EPIC-0187 EPIC-0195  EPIC-0270

Few of the glimpses of the performances are available in the below youtube channel: Epic YouTube

More photographs can be seen under official OutSide Facebook Page: Facebook Album

We had concluded the day by lighting a Diya in the evening. EPIC will act one of the stepping stones on the cultural movement of Bengal and World. Like Wordcon, we will comeback in the next year as well. Dates will be published soon. Stay tuned for Offbreak and Outside as well.


Business Auto-Graph

“Hey hey hey” my friend was raising hands on the road.

It was Monday afternoon in a rare winter season of Bengal. Both of us were heading for an audit (QMS, ISMS and ITSM) meeting on in one of the renowned government Enterprise. We were looking for a small auto ride instead of walking as in such a small distance, taxies were generally found to reluctant to go.

Fourth auto responded, stopped in front of us and we boarded. There was no other passengers.

As usual, we kept on talking on very casual things. One was commercial license as one of our common friend was asking information on the same last day.

Suddenly the auto driver stepped into our discussion and gave lot of insights on vehicle licensing. We were curious and found him to be extremely knowledgeable on rules, regulations, operations even technologies on automobile domain.

“How do you know so many inside stories man?” I was extremely curious.

“I run my cars in Ola/Uber” he replied.

“Then why don’t you drive your car instead of driving an auto? The revenue would be more” my friend Pritam responded.

“I have 11 cars” he replied quickly.

“What?how many” I was speechless!

“11 no.s Swift Dezires” he was instantaneous in his reply.

“OMG! Then my question is more relevant. You can easily ride one of the cars of your own instead of auto” Pritam responded back.

“I run my auto to manage the cars” he was prompt as usual.

“Running auto to operate cars? Is not it ridiculous? You need good pool of drivers instead” I was little harsh on my words.

“I have 31 drivers in my pool” he replied.

Both us were completely spellbound and by this time we reached the auto stand. This is the last spot and we need to walk few steps from here inside the lane. But by this time we were almost hypnotized by his business acumen and wanted to discuss further.

“Why don’t you drop us at the gate?” I requested.

“We do not generally run beyond routes” he replied.

“Boss, you are such a great business personal, why don’t we have some tea together at the gate? And if needed you may charge some additional bucks for going beyond the routes” Pritam pampered.

He agreed.

“How do you manage the whole operation and why auto?” I asked again on reaching destination.

“All my cars are garaged in salt lake and generally they operate in and around salt lake. In case of any turbulence/police problem, I can reach site in a very low profile” we were stunned again by his thoughts.

“But still managing 11 cars using 31 drivers are damn difficult” I was still not convinced, as I knew man power issues were more than anything else in Bengal as per my present business knowledge.

“Sir, I run all my cars in two shifts, I have tie-ups with driver centers even in case any of the drivers fails Attendance (even after using buffer from the pool) so that none of the cars stand idle in any shift of the day throughout the year. And management? See this” she pulls out two Iphones from pocket.

We had no words other than listening him” I spent INR 2500 every month on internet, apart from mobile internet, I have broadband WiFi at home. Each of my cars having two dual sim phones. Based on traffic/enquiries I instruct them to shuffle between Ola/uber/TFS”.

We were shattered by then and understood he has much more business knowledge than anyone of us.

He was Sonu sing from Uttar Pradesh.

Our salute to him. My heartiest prayers to the supreme Lord that the same attitude gets induced in the spirit of Bengal.

In the world of hallucination, he runs a true business on the ground and even after such a vast business and operations, his attitude toward work is fascinating.

Learning never ends and off-course we learnt a lot on that afternoon from the Auto Driver and his Autograph towards business really made our day.


(A true incident narrated in story format)


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“Oh No, Not Again” ! Is it your reaction thinking one more negative article in my blog? .

Hold on ! Your Patience is being tested for next few minutes.

I have written several sections in previous days on the pain points of an entrepreneur, manpower issues, echo system negativity and so on. And few of my active readers complained about it – stating “I am getting too much bogged down into negativity”.

But point is different, I was never been influenced, induced into negativity even though the overall sorounding echo system is prone towards the same. In terms of spelling out those negative characteristics in different forms (writing blogs/articles, lectures, trainings) was intended to articulate the negatives sothat all of us (including me) may not repeat the mistakes (learning from past experience) and stay tuned towards positive spirits of life. In eighteen years of my career (12 years in employment and 6 years of Entrepreneurship so far), my intention was always to ride the boat against the wave. There were several situations like follows:

  • Something is not happening,
  • some work is getting impacted,
  • customer service is getting suffered, quality is being impacted,
  • performance is being dipped for a group/organization,
  • People are not able to handle it,
  • People are not able to understand positive philosophies of life.

In all those cases, my tendency was to take part into transactions in order to get things done in order to make them understand “how negatives can be converted into positives” (otherwords “leading from the front”). But unfortunately I could not turn a small leave of the tree and instead burdened myself into bandwidth crunch, stress and off course became dissatisfied, irritatated, impatient, short tempered and unhappy.

In retrospection in last few months, I discovered that I was wrong and in effect practicing to restratezige my thoughts.

Before stepping into more deliberation on the same, let me tell you a story (though real one).

Champa is our cook for last one year. She used to cook for us earlier also. She left and joined back in the second innings. Below are few of her beharial approaches:

  • She cannot make “milk tea”,
  • she do not cook chicken/meats
  • She never prepared Pithe, Payes, Beguni and do not know how to cook.
  • She does not eat several fishes and curries. And off course she is reluctant to cook those (or learn).
  • She can neither prepare spices manually due to back pain nor she can not handle mixy (rather she is reluctant to learn it’s handling).
  • She asks every steps (no of spoons of oil, salt, duration of sauté/boiling) and even sometimes pushes my mother/wife to wake up from sleep and taste (she cooks in abnormal time – 3pm to 5pm as her other slots are occupied due to extreme demand).

She conducts all pujas at her home (apart from traditional durgapuja, kalipuja, rashpurnima, manasa puja, kartik puja even) and all pujas she devotes herself to the devine god/godess with fasting. In effect she loves to take leave on those days.

She stays in a 5 mins walking distance from our home, but every possible events (like vote, strike by any political party), she avoids attending work due to fear factor.

Lastly, most importantly, during last durgapuja my in laws (father in law and mother in law) stayed with us for around a month. End of the month she told my mother to contribute some additions to her salary due to 2 additional persons. Her monthly salary INR 2250 ( family members 3 adults and 2 kids).

Thanks for your patience for reading such a long story and it appears to be irrelevant to you.

No. It’s not ! The story reveals overall attitude towards work – let it be a cook or office boy, sales guy, service engineer. The reactions / behavioral attitude of everyone is focused on finding reasons/clauses for “non-doing things”. Same is applicable to taxi drivers, rikswa walla, auto drivers, office employees and even my kids.

Yellow taxies are always having protest against new Services (Ola, uber, taxi for sure etc), but even in busy afternoon they are reluctant to go almost anywhere. At 2pm afternoon 4 yellow taxies refused to ride ultadanga to airport stating ” lunch time”, “Break cord broken” ( তার কাটা) ” Will not go that side” (ওদিকে যাব না). Interestingly got same answers while intented to travel camac street to esplanade same time other day ( people who are familiar with Kolkata geography, may clearly understand the locations are in proper Kolkata only, not outside).My immediate reaction comes in this situation s “Where you will go”?. But now I realized no point wasting temper/energy in those situations.

Situations are having no alterations while dealing subordinates/employees. If there is a sudden need of a customer support for whole night and situation arises in the morning only (I.e emergency, no prior information/preparation), employees will come out will all possible exercises and you will feel yourself in awkward situations (thinking who is employer):

  • Having some personal work tonight, can not do it
  • Why did not intimate me earlier?
  • Why don’t you allocate this to ” X” ( his fellow colleague, though he will have reservations in the same lines or different)
  • Better would be to ask customer to do it day after tomorrow.
  • Why Customer cannot do it in normal working office hours?

Ideal response comes to my mind is “****” (yes “slang”), but I have learnnt now holding my nerve as no point riding the boat against the wave.

There were situations where I tried to make people understand, mould their philosophies to turn into positives, but all went in vain. Neither they followed my principle, nor could deliver results (not interested more precisely).Rather, I know in these situations, people always believe:

  • These thoughts (my imposed thoughts) are impractical, impossible, un realistic
  • Those are wastage of time
  • Something else/some other thoughts / mechanisms should be tried instead of those idealistic philosophies.
  • The thoughts are useless, non sense.
  • Unnecessary speed will spoil the game.

So hold yourself. Why to waste time and energy in serving people who does not deserve it ( উলুবনে মুক্তো ছড়ানো)?

We can not control anyone other than self. The moment self control is utmost, that will reflect positive energies and attract people towards it (pull) instead we forcefully make them understand (push).

Let us store our energy to use it at proper time.


Wordcon – The Spirit of Life

“Wordcon 2015” was organized last Saturday of November(28-11-2015). This was first time the same took place in Kolkata, India with larger vision, viewpoint in mind.

This year it was themed as “Freelancers International Conference” and it was one of it’s first kind in the country as per our knowledge goes. Yes, it is neither a typo mistake nor an over ambitious statement. There are plenty of business meet-up, events in various domains everywhere, but those are meant for corporates (even upto SME). There used to be renowned speakers and people in the audience intended to be a patient listener.

Our objective was intended towards a small gathering (max 30 to 35) where people can take part in discussions of real life problems instead of just listening.  More precisely freelancers (individuals who works for themselves instead of an employee in a company) were meant for participants who feel themselves “very small” to the big business meetups to get engaged with the speakers/agenda.

But why the name is “Wordcon “. You are right. It is having relationship with “Words”. Wordcon aspires to find out keywords of life which balances between business and life. “Peace”, “Delight”, “Spirituality” are few of such words to have harmony, resonance, positivity of life.


The event was initiated with the inaugural lamp lighting and speech from Sri Kritarthananda (Pradip Maharaj), the monk from belur math. Apart from his inaugural pitch, he sang a song as well post lunch. All participants admitted that they had never experienced a chief guest continued almost till the end of the event with his blessings.

DSCN3587 DSCN3797 DSCN3618

Then Pritam Bhattacharyya initiated the session on behalf of the organizers.  He briefed on his journey of transition from government employee to translator, teacher, author, entrepreneur off course a wordsmith.

DSCN3625 DSCN3710

Arindam Chatterley (alias chats), a professional trainer, life skill consultant, elaborated ten commandments of entrepreneurship with real examples from life. He explained how everyone can learn from even taxi driver to shoe polish person.


Next was Pinaki Mazumder, founder Anubadak Lingo Services. With his life experiences, he stressed of relationships with customers. By his personal touch he bonded with his customers and in effect yielded much larger revenue base. Not only it resulted orders with premium values, but also stickiness was with years.


Subhas Mukherjee our good old friend joined us from Bhutan. He narrated his life story to demonstrate the importance of the alignment with the cultural heritage of the geography in order to get success in business.


Then it was the time for the desired break to drive into the Bengali traditional cousin through the traditional Bengali lunch.


Post lunch, I had initiated the discussions with the importance of attending meetups. Off course there was few recitations as well. “Depression” by Srijato was more of a relevance to the event as it has dual meaning (Depression can be applied for Weather or even to Mind). Do you know the poem? If no below is the same:


Gobindo Roy, founder of Lakshya Foundation, present researcher at IIT, Kharagpur presented on scopes, opportunity, platform in global arena for freelancers.


Next was live interactions with Matteo Preabianca from Australia. He briefed his experience as freelancer. Desire from Germany further illustrated through recorded webinar on “How to manage your time in global time zones with work/life balance?”

DSCN3746  desire

Anindya Kumar Banerjee (alias AKB) joined us from Bihar. He was instrumental on his session on vertical reading. The session was focused on reading a 100 pages book in 90 minutes and the philosophy was inspired by Swami Vivekananda (he was farm believer and practitioner for rapid reading)


There was small token of gratitude to the speakers and the same was extended through our Chief Guest.

DSCN3786 DSCN3784 DSCN3783 DSCN3787

The event was concluded by the music by sankhadip as planned.

12279190_10203657721881943_228722031066470704_n IMG_20151128_175553

The entire show was aspired of co-existence, harmony, peace and delight. We intend to comeback with the same spirit in the coming year as well.

Stay tuned thorough our website ( Three cheers for “Wordcon”.