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Health is Wealth. But we tend to forget the same in our life, especially Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs try always to take all the burden on his/her shoulder and keep on stretching themselves. Hence working beyond schedule, sleepless nights, extensive travels, concentrating on work skipping meals are quite natural phenomenon. We tend to work 16-24 hours and compromise on sleeping habits. We fail to exercise with an excuse of time management. In effect we get screwed with stress, diabetics, hypertension, insomnia, stomach issues, gastric, fatty liver, ulcers, and heart diseases. When we are being attacked with any such problem, we tend to look back, but it is already late. We will not be left with any other options other than defending it. Hence It is high time , we honour our health, take proactive measures to have it in our control so that we can contribute more to the society and also our beloved family.

There was a great initiative by TiE Kolkata last week on this issues. The event was having speakers like Smita Roy Choudhury, Preeyam Budhia , Kripa Sagar and Harsha Banthia with Nayantara Palchoudhuri as Moderator.

The panel was filled all Women Entrepreneurs and their inspiring stories were so simple, free flowing , but extremely motivating.

Smita is a Dietitian with a deep domain expertise on food service or nutritional programs. Her message was to follow the nature. We should take heavy breakfast within 10 am (when metabolism is kicked off and in full swing) and Evening snacks (when metabolism tends to get slow down). Lunch and Dinner should not be heavy. When Sun rises and when it sets are the high time to take food. Our kids tends suffer with lot of problems due to wrong life style. They fail to have morning clearances with constipation, very light or no breakfast, also no tiffin in school or junk foods, 1st heavy meal at late afternoon. If we can have disciplined food habits, we may not have to opt for several slimming diet programs (like GM Diet etc)

Preeyam shared his very personal story which touched all of us and most of us were not able to hold our tears. She was working in UK. But she left the job and came back to Kolkata to join hands with her mother to start their venture AddLife. The aim is to support mental health. In Kolkata (probably in India as well) we do not have proper eco system to get guided healthcare support when ever we are into a problem. Our healthcare system, methodology are driven by patient’s paying capability, not by their diseases. Out of the entire domain she is trying take care of the mental health as specialization and she aspires to rule not only Pan India, but the Globe. Lets wish her all the best.

Harsha  is a Yoga Trainer. She spans her expertise in physical fitness,Sound Therapy and Pranic Healing. She inspired us to foucs on physical fitness. Instead of thinking big, we should focus on small milestines like 10minutes yoga/jogging/walk in the morning to startwith instead of doing nothing. Getting the kickstart is most important. Then gradually we can increase and will get automatically motivated once get refreshed. She believes that a “Healthy body leads to a healthy mind which in turn brings all happiness and positive power to lead a beautiful life”.

Kripa  was a smoker for 26 years and she is running marathon now leaving behind her addiction. Everyday running gives us lot of life to our Lungs, Heart. She was not a runner initially. She started running in an amature way alongwith one of here relative and now it has become her passion. She came to Kolkata as 9th City to run marathon. Her message included the campaign “Take A Breath of Fresh Air” which promotes running as an aid for those who want to quit smoking (or any other addiction) and have fun doing it.

Let us awake. Let us take small steps to have our health well. Let us love our life and run for our Heart everyday morning.

We do not have any control on our Birth, Desease, Oldage and Death. But we can be disciplined in life and rest will fall in place. Lets surrender to Supreme Lord and start working on our Health.

Our Entrepreneurial Journey will extend.

Lets celebrate Entrepreneurship.

Entire Panelist along with President Mr.Radhakrishnan


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Healthcare Openhouse

Interesting visits on 25th and 26th January, 2014.

The event was Jugaadathon at Echo Hub (Rajarhat). It was termed as India’s first open healthcare hack-a-thon.

I was not aware of hack-a-thon. But did a small search and understood it. A hackathon  is an event where people from different domain (like computer programmers, software development, graphic designers, hardware engineers etc) collaborate together to conceptualize, innovate and create a product by end of the event.


This event was an initiative by CAMTech, MIT and Glocal.

The Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies (CAMTech) is a global network of academic, corporate and implementation partners based at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Global Health.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from Boston aims to create a medical ecosystem community beyond to teach entrepreneurs and clinicians the skills necessary to launch troublesome healthcare processes.

Glocal Healthcare Systems is an organization from Kolkata and focusing to build super specialty hospitals for 30 – 50 beds in the rural sector.

Harvard Medical School has been instrumental in education, research and clinical care for generations.

They’ve steered medical education models, established new programmes to address evolving needs in health care.


The participants were professionals and students from across India and also from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. The hackathon was nearly 30 hours of straight hacking by the teams to build a product/solution in order to address few of the burning healthcare problems.

The concept was to “Ideate”, “Innovate” and “Co-create”.

The event was organized by CAMTech, MIT and Glocal.



List of Problem Areas


Organizer Teams


Soura Bhattacharya, Chayan Chatterjee, Avik Roy, Sahil Mehta, Arindam Nath


Dr.David Bangsberg, Elizabeth Baily, Smitha Gudapakkam, Dr.Kristian Olson, Dr.Ryan Carrol

MIT H@cking Medicine:

Coleman Shelton, Lina Clucci.


Devaranjan Ganesh, Sourav panda, Dr.Sanjay Sharma, Dr.Ajay Nair, Ashish Gupta, Dr.Aniruddha Mukherjee, George Hunnewell, Dr.Ravi Nayar


Dr.Sabahat Azim, Rajashekhar Ramaraj, Dr.David Bangsberg, Elizabeth Bailey

Hot Pitches

  1. Home monitoring for Pregnant Women below poverty level ( product which will listen the baby heartbeat)
  2. Human health Development Kit
  3. Heart-ier : discovery of non-communicable diseases in India
  4. POSTDOC ( Web Platform for Orthopedic Post Clinical Management)
  5. Baby Breathing Monitor
  6. Kick-Alarm : Baby Kick management at night for pregnant Women
  8. Medicine Alarm, Inventory
  9. Tattletale Pillbox
  10. Cater Cam
  11. Arogyam ( app to compare between branded and generic medicine)
  12. Neo-natal respiratory Monitoring System
  13. Mseva ( connects doctors to patient)
  14. Sensor based baby Heart Beat and Blood Pressure management

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I am extremely impressed seeing the college students brain storming and coming up with a product, business model. This is not only different from our times, but also we should appreciate this kind of framework which is encouraging youth for the entrepreneur ship.