Sushobhan Mukherjee

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23rd January | Time to Tribute ?

January 23 is an important Day for Bengal and India. One of our greatest leaders, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was born on this day in the year 1897.

Netaji devoted his entire life to only one cause and that was Freedom at all costs!

With the call of “Give me your blood and I will give you freedom” one man challenged the might of an empire and inspired a nation to join hands to free itself from the shackles of Imperialism. These were not ordinary words but these were the words that energized an entire nation!

Netaji was an embodiment of courage and an ardent motivator.  Netaji’s organizational skills and leadership qualities were impeccable. Netaji was strongly convinced that non-violent struggle would not be enough for total freedom for India, as he firmly believed “Freedom is not given, it is taken”.

Netaji was a great negotiator and had the unique capability of influencing the mighty and the powerful. He even garnered support from Hitler, as well as from the Emperor of Japan at a time when these two leaders were most powerful and fighting the rest of the world.

In the history of India’s struggle for freedom, one man stands out in all distinctiveness and a class by himself.

On his birthday, we must pay our heartfelt tributes and gratitude to one of India’s real Hero. His patriotic spirit should inspire generations of Indians across the length and breadth of our Motherland.

But the mystery still whispers in our ears “India’s most adored son has never returned home even after seven decades of independence. Can We Sleep in peace?”