Sushobhan Mukherjee

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Subhadip and his Ipad

It was Sunday afternoon. Subhadip was just relaxing after lunch at his flat. Now he stays in Saltlake with family even though his home town in in North-east. This kind of lazy afternoon reminds him about his home town where he used to play cards with his friends.

This kind of Sundays are boring in Kolkata especially in Saltlake. Unless going to shopping malls and eating out with family no other entertainment facility available for him.

Moreover it was raining that afternoon. He found no other alternative than roaming through casual internet navigation. But again he started missing his Ipad which he had procured one month back from Olx. It was indeed a good deal since he could purchase it at INR 9000/- (Ipad2). But he could not use it more than a week since his daughter (7 years) and son (3years) grabbed it for playing games.

Suddenly an idea sparked in his mind to buy one more Ipad for his personal use. He started investigating Olx again and finally he could not belief his luck. He found a seller from Maniktalla area selling Ipad 3 with 64Gb storage in INR 22000/- and it was priced INR 57000/- flipkart for new one. He was excited and immediately called the seller. He had finally fixed up a meeting next day in a coffee shop near Vivekananda Road since there was a pre-planned meeting for him.

Vijay, the seller, did not turn up next day even though he confirmed. Vijay cancelled the appointment at the last moment stating some personal emergency.

Subhadip was very tensed If someone else would have purchased it before him.

Finally the deal could happen after two days from the actual schedule. Subhadip could negotiate it at INR 20000/- with original kits and Original Flipkart Bill. He was extremely excited with this deal and came back home with parcel Biriyani for the family.

After dinner, he started navigating the Ipad and found earlier user installed lot of Apps. But he wanted to personalize it as per his own way. Hence he thought of formatting it. But the moment he tried that, the device returned to put the Apple ID. Without this, the device was not allowing to proceed a single step. He got worried and gone for sleep with a thought that next day he would call up Vijay and get the ID.

As usual he called up Vijay and got promise of the information in the evening since he was outside and did not remember it.

Subhadip waited till late evening and no one returned back. He was forced to call-back and unfortunately the call was not responded.

Ultimately the seller switched off his no and could not be traced next 4-5 days. Even if the number was open, Subhadip’s no was not returned.

Subhadip understood he got trapped and INR 20000/- went into vain. Coz without Apple ID, the Ipad was none other than a costly brick.

He was puzzled and felt helpless.

Meanwhile Subhadip started exploring internet forums if the device can be cracked. He got some alternatives where he could break into online itunes (where he could see the device) and unfortunately nothing in the physical device.

Further he called up Apple Helpdesk as per his friend suggestion and referred the ID no etc from the Flipkart Bill (which was given by Vijay), but apple could not track it. Flipkart confirmed the bill as fake since it was for Samsung Galaxy , not Apple.

Subhadip was extremely upset.

Next day, he went to maniktalla area again and casually entered into a Poilce Station. Explained the entire story to the Officer In charge, but he was also clueless how to help Subhadip. The advertisement was still alive in Olx.

Suddenly a trick came to Subhadip’s mind. He requested the officer if he could call the Guy from his mobile. And fortunately it worked. The office charged Vijay over phone asked him to meet in the polish station immediately. Otherwise they would take action since his mobile no/location etc were already tracked. It clicked as Vijay promised to meet next day at police station or settle with Subhadip.

Vijay got afraid and started calling subhajit evening onwards and disclosed he was not having the Apple ID even.

Finally Subhadip could arrange a settlement and got the moneyback next day in lieu of returning back the device.

Suhajit was suspecting on Vijay for fake notes and he had asked him to meet in a bank sothat he could easily deposit the cash in his account and check the validity. But no further problem occurred other that few threats over phone (why he formatted the device since it had been converted to a brick to Vijay even).

Subhadip ignored these peacefully.

But he had learned hard way of life for online shopping. The incident taught him to be more carefully on procurement, validation, cross –checking etc.


PS : This is written as story, but it is a true incident . But the characters, locations etc changed to protect the identity.