Sushobhan Mukherjee


You and Me – Future of Power


Brother, we are in the same boat,

But our destination seems to be different.

I strive for Success,

You are afraid of failure.

I keep on Exploring avenues,

You feel it “wastage of time”.

I dream, aspire to touch the Sky,

You think “Impossible”.

I think positive with aggression,

You feel it immaturity.

Friend, we are riding in the same car,

But our visions are not alike.

I fight for new acquisitions,

You tend to protect existing.

I am unhappy with the growth,

You are satisfied.

I plan to create opportunities,

You “Overrule”.

I look for new dimensions,

You feel insecure.


Dude, we are in the same lifetime,

But you live in “past” and I strive for future.


Dear Friend, do you know “what do you want?”

Do you aspire to “win”?

Or you cherish on my “failure”?


If your desire is win,

I surrender, as ultimately I will win with you.

But if you look at my failure,

I will not give up, rather will force you to change

Bother, let’s join hands and rule the world together,

Our thinking should be larger than life.


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Journey of Life

It is not dark,

           It is the absence of “Light”.

It is not black,

          Rather it is the absence of “Colour”.

It is not fear,

          It is the absence of “Courage”.

It is not wrong,

          It is the knowledge towards ‘Right”.

It is not weakness,

          It is the pathway for getting “Strength”.

It is not failure,

          It is the elimination of hurdles for “Success”.

It is not defeat,

          It is the wisdom for “win”.

It is not the end,

          It is the start of New Beginning.

Life is Simple,

          We make this complex.

Think Positive,

          And enjoy the journey of life.


—- Sushobhan Mukherjee