Sushobhan Mukherjee

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Happy Teacher’s Day

5th September, the birthday of our 2nd President Late Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, is celebrated as Teacher’s Day India.

However, October 5th is marked World Teachers’ Day, an annual celebration established by UNESCO in 1997 to highlight the accomplishments of educators and the serious challenges they face.

But these are not only the days to celebrate, but also to share our regards, tribute and salute to our Teachers.

Who are Teachers?

In life we learn till our Death and Teachers are the source of those knowledge. We learn from everyone and from everything.

Our parents are our teachers, our sir/madam in school/college are our teachers, our bosses, mentors are our teachers. We even learn from natures, our kids.

Teachers do not only teach us, they are our friend, philosopher and guide as well. Thy encourage us, they motivate us, they show the path of life.

Teachers inspire us, they pull out the spark from us to channelize towards the positive direction.

They are the creators of youth, generations and future society. They educate our soul to have successes in our Journey.

With the heartiest gratitude towards our teachers, we all should promise today to contribute to our next generations as their Teacher. This is the best way to salute our Teachers and that is our duty to the society.

Please see the contribution of our Teachers in the YouTube video: