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13th December

13th December, the horror time begun on 2012.

13th and 14th December are the darkest days of my life.

It was around 5pm on 13th December, 2012. I got a call from my home with an emergency that my father is almost not responding. Similar incident occurred 15 days back also, when it was found sudden massive fall of sugar level and pressure. That time local doctor treated on emergency by pushing injection etc and recovered him even he had to be admitted in Nursing home ICU.

But this time the doctor was not reachable. My mother and wife were only available in house. Immediately diluted sugar in water was applied by sipping.

I was in wifi site survey in central Kolkata along with my team and got completely puzzled and disturbed.

Moreover I was having car as well that day.

Immediately I rushed to return with my car and kept on calling home to understand the situation. Meanwhile doctor came and situation little revived.

In between I missed the road and instead of coming towards Rabindra Sadan , I took the road towards Hazra.

The moment I crossed Hazra crossing and turned right, I understood my mistake and was thinking how to take “U” turn or should I take the EM Bypass root. Meanwhile I saw in the car mirror that someone in a bike is waiving his hand behind my car and signalling me to stop the care by the side of the road. I could not understand, but slowed down the pace of the car.

The person came left side of the car and asked me to stop the car. I was still confused, but stopped the car left side of the road. The person parked his bike and came to me introducing himself as a police surgeon.

He demanded my car did a severe violation of braking the signal and it is eligible of large case with car seizing or a penalty of INR 15K. I was not in the mood to counter since time was passing by and I explained my mental situation. I was sure I did not break the rule. But even if something had happened, that may be due to my mental condition. Then he revealed that he also stays in Birati (my residence area) and his wife also was working in IT Industry (my domain) . But still he was not ready to release me, rather was harassing me by killing the time. I went to the negotiation mode and settled it for 6K (withdrawn the money from nearest ATM) without receipt. Later I realized, he took advantage of the situation and I was carried away.

Anyway , meanwhile I had checked that my father was stable and under observation by Doctor.

On return to home, we decided along with doctor that next day morning we will admit him to the hospital to find out the root cause why sugar is dropping like anything.

Entire night me and my mother were sleepless on supervising him.

Next day we had taken him to the hospital. We started from home by 8.30pm by ambulance.

He was in his full senses (though very week) and enquired about the hospital where we would be going. He had taken tea and biscuit from home.

We reached hospital at around 9am. During admission, they checked BP, ECG etc and found normal. Still we admitted him to ICU to keep under observation. But then the shocking time started. Suddenly heart bit dropped to 30. Emergency medicine, external pacemaker applied. Blood Pressure went to Nil. Ventilation applied. But could not save him. It seemed like a massive cardiac arrest and suddenly a machine just got stopped. Finally his death was declared at 12.25pm on 14th December, 2012.

Still today, I am clueless how a person can die like this.

He was not well for last six months. He was losing weight rapidly. We ran from local doctors to the best of the bread doctors in Kolkata. But no one could figure out the root cause. Initially it was told about diabetes, then fatty liver, then Sodium/Potassium issue and so on. Due course I had understood, felt the poor situation of indian healthcare situation. Everything was pre-defined. It was not based on disease, but based on patients paying capability. Still there are doctors, service providers, facilities which are really good. But we do not get access to the right kind of information at right time. Same way finally we could land in to a doctor and he in effect figured out the root cause and we started applying medicine under his supervision. It was kidney related issues. But when we could figure out and started applying medicine, we lost him within a month from that. Who knows, if we could trace out right issues much beforehand we might have saved him.

My father was healthy before this problem. He had always maintained disciplined life, food habits. He used to walk and carry out physical exercise. Still we lost him at the age of only 67 years.

Birth, Death, Disease and Oldage , we do not have any control. It is being controlled by the supreme power.

I pray to almighty, may his soul rest in peace where ever he is.

Let me have enough power to deliver the conceived project



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Healthcare Openhouse

Interesting visits on 25th and 26th January, 2014.

The event was Jugaadathon at Echo Hub (Rajarhat). It was termed as India’s first open healthcare hack-a-thon.

I was not aware of hack-a-thon. But did a small search and understood it. A hackathon  is an event where people from different domain (like computer programmers, software development, graphic designers, hardware engineers etc) collaborate together to conceptualize, innovate and create a product by end of the event.


This event was an initiative by CAMTech, MIT and Glocal.

The Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies (CAMTech) is a global network of academic, corporate and implementation partners based at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Global Health.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from Boston aims to create a medical ecosystem community beyond to teach entrepreneurs and clinicians the skills necessary to launch troublesome healthcare processes.

Glocal Healthcare Systems is an organization from Kolkata and focusing to build super specialty hospitals for 30 – 50 beds in the rural sector.

Harvard Medical School has been instrumental in education, research and clinical care for generations.

They’ve steered medical education models, established new programmes to address evolving needs in health care.


The participants were professionals and students from across India and also from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. The hackathon was nearly 30 hours of straight hacking by the teams to build a product/solution in order to address few of the burning healthcare problems.

The concept was to “Ideate”, “Innovate” and “Co-create”.

The event was organized by CAMTech, MIT and Glocal.



List of Problem Areas


Organizer Teams


Soura Bhattacharya, Chayan Chatterjee, Avik Roy, Sahil Mehta, Arindam Nath


Dr.David Bangsberg, Elizabeth Baily, Smitha Gudapakkam, Dr.Kristian Olson, Dr.Ryan Carrol

MIT H@cking Medicine:

Coleman Shelton, Lina Clucci.


Devaranjan Ganesh, Sourav panda, Dr.Sanjay Sharma, Dr.Ajay Nair, Ashish Gupta, Dr.Aniruddha Mukherjee, George Hunnewell, Dr.Ravi Nayar


Dr.Sabahat Azim, Rajashekhar Ramaraj, Dr.David Bangsberg, Elizabeth Bailey

Hot Pitches

  1. Home monitoring for Pregnant Women below poverty level ( product which will listen the baby heartbeat)
  2. Human health Development Kit
  3. Heart-ier : discovery of non-communicable diseases in India
  4. POSTDOC ( Web Platform for Orthopedic Post Clinical Management)
  5. Baby Breathing Monitor
  6. Kick-Alarm : Baby Kick management at night for pregnant Women
  8. Medicine Alarm, Inventory
  9. Tattletale Pillbox
  10. Cater Cam
  11. Arogyam ( app to compare between branded and generic medicine)
  12. Neo-natal respiratory Monitoring System
  13. Mseva ( connects doctors to patient)
  14. Sensor based baby Heart Beat and Blood Pressure management

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I am extremely impressed seeing the college students brain storming and coming up with a product, business model. This is not only different from our times, but also we should appreciate this kind of framework which is encouraging youth for the entrepreneur ship.