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Sweater, A Sunday Refresher by Infosec Foundation

Sweater is not just a warm cloth to protect us in winter. It is not just a piece of apparel, which can be purchased from any shop. It is not just an output of some knitting techniques.

Hope you are wondering why suddenly in a hot and humid April of Kolkata, I have started talking on Sweater. Yes, you guessed right. This is the after effects of watching the latest Bengali Movie “Sweater”.

Last Sunday afternoon we had a premier and special screening with cast and crews in Carnival Cinema, Salt lake dedicated for Infosec Foundation Patrons and Members.

I am sure, again it has instigated your mind what is the linkage of a movie with cyber security, which is the core genome of Infosec Foundation. Wait, I will come to that point.

Before that, let us walk through the context of the movie. The story-line revolves around a Bengali middle class family from a class c city. The crisis for the elder daughter’s marriage has created the prelude of the movie. Younger daughter is extremely skilled with music, dancing and other extra-curricular Activities along with general smartness and good academic background. On the contrary, elder daughter is having almost no skills and always gets compared with her sister. In effect she keeps on growing down in morale and she gets rejected almost every sphere of life including marriage proposals. Her boyfriend also declines to marry in order to have bindings. Instead, he stresses on freedom, enjoyment of life and shows his reluctance on owning responsible. In this juncture, a twist comes into the story-line with an interesting marriage proposal where the mother in law from an elite family puts a clause of weaving skills of sweater as selection criteria for her would be daughter in law. Yes, everyone thinks this is not only wired, but also insulting for the girl as well. However, the lady is having his own justifications on it. As per her thought process, In modern times parents keep on grooming girls with singing, dancing, painting etc , but neglects an old family legacy like knitting. This tradition is not only an art, but flows with generations. Hence, if the girl knows knitting sweater, the same can create a comfort space between Mother in law and daughter in law.

Anyways, under this compulsive pressure, the girl starts being trained with her aunt on knitting. However, the aunt could not find the fire in her to learn knitting sweater for her own career, rather she was more focused towards passing the marriage exam. Her aunt tries to motivate her, boost her morale in order to ignite her underlying spirit of bouncing back for win for her own self. In the class, lot of different Activities get planned apart from knitting, like music , wrestling, outdoor activities and most students always think these are useless. Nevertheless, the teacher was adamant and she illustrates through live situations that knitting or any activities in life are linked with human mind situations. Moreover, that mind game decides the outcome quality of work.

With the series of excise, situations in life, the heroine could connect with her soul and objective of life. In effect, she learns knitting sweater with passion, gives exam with her would be mother in law, but rejects the outcome result. By this time, she got the spirit to accumulate strength, courage and enough wisdom to define her own path of life towards victory. In effect the Girl who was always got rejected by everyone in life sofar, could ignite her spirit to reject others like marriage proposal, mother in law terms and even the irresponsible boyfriend Pablo.

Overall, a wonderful family movie with fabulous location in hills with greenery, clouds and fog. Story movement little slow, however flow is good with excellent cast, great music, fantastic cinematography. This is the first production by the promoter house with a new director and new heroine. Sreelekha Mitra and Kharaj Mukherjee were two renowned cast in side roles, but they did excellent justice to their characters and in effect made the roles pivotal instead of just a side role. Sidhu (Siddhartha of Cactus) was a surprise package to me as I was not aware of these acting capabilities other than musical skills. Isha Saha played wonderful as “Tuki” and her Sister “Sree” was great as well. More precisely, both of them did justice to characters and made it realistic.

There was no family melodrama, overdoing of music, dance etc. Overall a fat-free simple movie with good to watch scenes with peace of mind. More precisely a first production from the production house with such an organized efforts with a distinct message to the audience is truly appreciable.

Now why suddenly a movie screening for Infosec Foundation. Hope by now with our many Activities last three years, you are well aware of Infosec Foundation vision and mission. Infosec Foundation and it’s global trustees believe any organized and sophisticated crimes cannot be only defended by tools-technology-processes, rather it needs inclusive efforts from people from all levels in the social hierarchy. In effect, we believe the basic defense is a common sense, more human like behavior than robotic actions. Hence igniting human mind is extremely essential so that they can start thinking before just sharing OTP over phone, just clicking on phishing link or responding to a provoking SMS. More precisely the cyber issues are propagated to the youth or elderly people instead of middle-aged little IT aware people. Too much of digital attractions of social media, digital content, streaming etc make everyone more screensavers and detached from family , relatives and society. In effect no friends, no adds, no family mixing programs, rather always addiction towards virtual world. In effect youth sometimes gets more adventurous and get trapped and elderly people gets compromised on no awareness on the usage of it.

Hence building cyber aware eco system needs an inclusiveness instead just tech workshop, seminars, event. And same thought process resulted a cause which can aggregate several families on a holiday for just fun and then mix, engage and get connected with each other under community building exercise.

With the same motive, we intend to organize Musical Evenings, Theater Festival, Picnic, Outbound Activities and soon. In effect, gradually cyber awareness best practices will get injected slowly and steadily through an organized process

As you know this is a voluntary non-profit activity, need everyone from audience to join, contribute, collaborate and build the eco system together.

Stay Tuned for future endeavors of Infosec Foundation.



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INFOCON 2016 – Mega Infosec Summit in Kolkata

Winter in Kolkata has different flairs like charming weather, sweets prepared from “Nolen Gur”, Circus, Picnic, Hopping between Zoo-Museum-Science City-Nicco Park, Different Fairs-Exhibitions-Summits. With the emerging problems of Global Warming, Kolkata is not far behind to experience diminishing winter along with other fading glories.

The charms of life, spirits of soulmates, passion of humanities are still stands ahead with any of the advanced city across the globe.

This November 18, 2016, Kolkata proved it once again. The winter in Kolkata adds a new feather in her cap through a mega Infosec Summit called “Infocon Kolkata 2016” at CII-Suresh Neotia Centre of Excellence, Saltlake.


Infocon Global is essentially an idea which has manifested itself through deliberations, practice, my running day to day business operation as CEO of Prime Infoserv LLP and interactions with clients, competition, colleagues and peers.

The more we converge towards an increasingly connected world, information keeps on flooding between anything to everything and then of course information security becomes a point of concern. People start panicking and common sense takes back-seat. But there is a solution to every problem and counter measures to defend, protect and launch offensive attack do exist as well. But the mechanism, process and knowledge are in silos and in effect are not meaningfully available as a whole. Different and piece-meal, adhoc and fragmented measures are being projected as solutions resulting in people becoming more anxious, confused and decision making culminates into dilemma.

“Infocon Global” is being envisioned as a platform to address the burning concerns in the community. The idea is to engage different stake holders including partners, customers, manufacturers, policy makers, academicians, regulators, end-users to cross pollinate and create unbiased and true wisdom through awareness and sharing of best practices. Infocon2016 today is a continuation of this search for collaborative wisdom. Prior to that, two similar events were organized on this theme by us – one in Bangladesh and the other in the United Kingdom, again in a collaborative model.

13094176_1119602198061194_3615704183204259374_n 13043398_1119607848060629_6421677602274232411_n 13015215_1119633218058092_9009829898258885427_n

“Infocon Kolkata 2016” is more like a milestone in a relay race because the issue is truly global and will affect not only us but our next generation. In an information intensive society, all the components of the society will be impacted by any cyber-attack or security breach. In order to have as much harmony and totality, we have brought experts and organizations related to Technology, Process and People Consulting, Law Enforcement, Financial institution, Policy Making, Data Handling, Cyber Law, Policing and so on. What is interesting to observe is that all these diverse fields of society find mutual overlap just like Internet is going to overlap all the areas of our lives and we call this Internet of things.

The event was inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Shri H K Kusumakar Additional CP IV, Kolkata Police alongwith Swami Vedatitananda, Ramakrishna Mission Shilpamandira, Belur Math; Mr.Nirupam Chaudhari, Regional Head – Nasscom , Mr. Manjit Nayek, Additional Director – STPI Kolkata Centre., Mr Hemant Chhabria, Member of COMPASS, Founder of justvideos.

_dsc0065 _dsc0068 _dsc0075

The first session after inauguration was by Mr Sukhminder Singh Sidana, National Manager- Government & Public Sector Business, Sonicwall on “How to Protect Your Organization from Ransomware”, a burning topic in today’s world.


The number of successful cyber-attacks continues to increase, threatening financial and personal security worldwide and cyber forensics is undergoing a paradigm shift. Mr. Jayanta Parial, Principal Engineer, CDAC. Conducted the next session on “Cyber Forensic needs and current Scenarios”.


Next session was covered by Mr. Joydeep Bhattacharya, Chief Operating Officer at TCG Digital Solutions Private Limited. The audience was stunned with the relevance and depth of the topic “Creating Real World Simulation for Training and Network Resiliency”.


Further deliberation was for Data Centre Securities through a panel discussion. The panel was led by Mr. Shyamal Bhattacharya, CEO of Technoplace Consultants.  The eminent panellists were   Mr. Siddhartha Chakraborty, Officer-in-Charge, Cyber Police Station, Kolkata Police;  Mr. Suketu Vichhivora, Vice President – Sales and Solution, Nxtra Data, Mr.Saibal Sarkar, NIC and  Mr. Vivek Gupta, DGM and CISO in Allahabad Bank.


The last session before the lunch was from Mr Kanchan Mallick, Regional Manager at Trend Micro for Eastern India, Bangladesh, Bhutan & Nepal. His insights on targeted attacks were major takeaways for the audience.


The lunch was designed with authentic Bengali touch of winter season. The peas kochuri, chana dal,  diamond fish fry, cauliflower roast, dhoka curry, Dahi Fish, Mutton, Chatni, Gulab Jamun, Ras malai , Ice-cream all were bundled with personal touch and traditional bengal’s aroma and taste.

Post lunch, the summit had witnessed the launch of our journal and mouthpiece on Information security named Infoquest. Infoquest is a journal with broad-spectrum treatment of the theme of Information security with interdisciplinary stakeholders. Infoquest captures in the lens of words the kaleidoscopic perspective on the theme with contributions from a wide group of authors in India and abroad. Infoquest was formally launched by Sri Syed Waquar Raza, IPS, SS(Spl), CID, West Bengal alongwith  Editor-in-Chief, Mr Pritam Bhattacharya, Mr. Kamal Agarwal, Chairman, Eastern  Regional Product Council-Nasscom and me as chairman of Infocon Global. We were overwhelmed by the contributions we received when we launched our Call for Papers. Infoquest is planned to be a quarterly journal and we hope it shall continue to receive your patronage and co-operation.


Our next session was a workshop on “Real Time Information Security Issues Handling as per Best Practices Worldwide”. It was conducted by Mr.Pritam Bhattacharyya, Founder and Chief Wordsmith, Wordsmith Communication and Mr.Kaushik Bhattacharyya, Business Strategy Consultant. The workshop was designed to derive solutions of real life problems with the audience inputs and expert panel validation. This was clear cut distinctive differentiation of other conferences in order to have audience engagement in a better way.

_dsc0364 _dsc0361

Mr. Koushik Nath, VP Systems Engineering India- & SAARC, Cisco Systems, had conducted the next session on “Advanced Security Threat Analysis”. Mr.Nath was instrumental with his audio-visual presentations and unmatched style to hypnotize the audience.

_dsc0366 _dsc0368

Next session was meant for the Ground Reality in Cyber Crime by the people who handles those in their professional life every day, This was presented by CID – Cyber Crime Technical Expert Team.


The session further was orchestrated by Mr. Ravindra NR, Sr. General Manager, IT & ITES, BSI. The topic “Cloud Security” was relevantly new for the audience, but was truly an eye opener in present emerging trends.


Next was a panel discussion on the topic – Latest Cyber Security Threats and Mitigation Strategies. The panel was moderated by Mr. Arun Agarwal, Chairman and Managing Director, Ebizindia Consulting with eminent panellists Mr. Sandeep Sengupta, MD – ISOAH; Mr. Rajarshi Banerjee,Technical Lead, Cyber Crime, CID; Mr. Angsuman Pal, STF, Kolkata Police and Mr.Biraj Karmakar, Mozilla Reps and Mentor . The session revealed key take aways on today’s always connected generation.


The final session of the day was on Large Enterprise Strategy of Information Security Handling, presented by Mr.Abhijit Chatterjee, CIO, Karam Chand Thapar Group. It was like hearing from horse’s mouth to understand the real strategies taken in real life situation.


Further we had moved from Information Security to some soul-warming music through the musical performance by a Bengali folk band – Surma Dohar, led by Joyshankar.

_dsc0439 _dsc0441

In between the music, we had recognized significant contribution in different spheres like best three articles in our journal, ICT Promotion, Cyber Law, Cyber Crime, IT strategy and consulting, Data Science and Analytics, video as new media, cloud communication, Business Intelligent Architecture and Bengali folk music. We further acknowledged the contribution of our core team and volunteers. Without them such a mega summit could not be seamlessly organized.

_dsc0451 _dsc0452 _dsc0453  _dsc0489

_dsc0505 _dsc0463 _dsc0506 _dsc0511

Information security industry really has no frontiers. The current and emerging problems not only need global collaboration but it will need a huge workforce with a certain identifiable skill set. In its objective to build awareness, disseminating ideas and training younger generation, Infoconglobal has already become a pioneer in a global theme from Bengal.

Infocon Kolkata 2016 is just a beginning. We hope to see all of you once again on 24th November 2017 at Kolkata where we shall walk again with Kolkata and you.

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