Sushobhan Mukherjee

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Photography is an art and one of the favorite ways to memorize pictures. But the moment we had arrived from analogue world to the digital, it has become Cheap. Now-a-day you do not really need a camera to take snap. An entry level mobile (worth INR 1000) is having a camera and obviously higher value mobile, tablet are having much superior qualities. Besides Digital Cameras have become very cheap. A digital camera worth INR 5000 will give enough result unless you have plans to become a professional photographer.

Hence the Graph of Photography is rising like anything. But that is the matter of concern.

Why do we take snaps everyday for every incident? Do you know the answer?

Majority of the reply will be “To post in facebook”!

My every movement starting for my new dress, new look, eating out with family, my personal and official tour – all are captured and shared in facebook. Lot of “likes”, “comments” and “shares”.

But how many them we have remembered? How many of them remembered by the facebook community who had liked, commented?

Answer is Nil.

There is lot of Puja Parikrama I found in facebook covering all places in kolkata, India.

Can anyone tell me what was the theme of any one of those Pujas 2 years back? But you had captured it in a Digital Photograph.

I saw lot of people hoping pandals and taking snaps this year Puja. They are entering to the area and taking snaps. They are even viewing the art through the mobile only and further no remembrance for the minute details of the art. Coz it is stored. If I forget, I can review the same. I will not see that snap ever in my life, which is the other part of the story!

We do not see, we do not memorize, we just capture moments to share in Facebook.

There are exceptions. But this is the general trend.

Even if someone is serious, how he keeps a track for his snaps? Someone is taking snaps in mobiles, digital cameras, camcorders and many in quantity since there is no cost for printing.

Do we really having repository, storage, archival for such a big volume of Data?

Will we think or just keep on capturing images which are having no use of mine? Or we can spend enjoying the moment, incident or event instead of trying to capture it?