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Hyderabad | Exploration in a Different Way

Hyderabad is the Capital of Andhra Pradesh. Oh no, it is changed now and termed as Capital on Telengana. My mistake due to long old practice. And I am visiting this city since 2002. Initially the destination was Ramoji Film City for the Sales Conference for one of the Premier Organization I was working with.

Later the reason changed after marriage since my brother in law stays here.

Last trip to Hyderabad was last week of June (28th to 29th June, 2014). The agenda was having some business meeting and obviously touching near and dear ones.

In this section I will try to cover few interesting experience.


Journey started with a surprise. I was early morning Indigo flight (6.45 am) with a scheduled arrival at 8.55am. But reached 25mins before schedule. I was curious how come we can cover up such distance in 1.30 hours’ time. Once I float the query through Facebook, I found interesting thoughts like follows:

  • The Airlines set the expected timeline keeping buffer time knowing that they will reach earlier. This will project a great customer experience and hence more social net buzz will be created,
  • Tail wind would have helped by 10-15 mins,
  • Buffer time of 15mins for taxing & line maintenance while landing was not utilized.


Anyways my journey started by airport liner “Pushpak”. The interesting part of this AC Bus was it’s time line. It’s starting, midway stoppages, destination reachability were awesome. More interestingly the bus stops were well decorated, organized. The same was experienced even during the return journey.


Osmania University

I had visited several times Hyderabad and never visited this University. I got a special interest on it once I had been to Africa. I met several people came and studied from Osmania University. Then it has been found this University is extremely popular in Africa, Middle-East countries and being treated as face of India. They like the culture, community, weather, people, food habit of Hyderabad and come back to study in Osmania University for generations.

Osmania University was founded on 1918 by Nawab Osman Ali Khan, the seventh Nizam of Hyderabad and finally it was named after Nizam’s name only.  It is the seventh oldest in the Country and third oldest in South India.

Casually we went to the university and met principal. He was very happy to meet us and invited to attend the next day Industry Meet by the Students.

It was amazing experience to see how they are promoting Rabindranath Tagore’s philosophy.

IMG_20140628_122539  IMG_20140628_121613

Osmania Biscuit

Second interesting element which is also related with Nizam Osman Ali Khan. This is one of the legacy for Hyderabad alongwith it’s Biriyani and Pearl ever after Nizam’s era is over. The biscuit is named after Mir Osman Ali Khan.

Osmania is a Delicious and crispy biscuit. It simply melts into the mouth. This scrumptious biscuit with Irani Tea is a deadly combination.

I had this biscuit from different places/bakeries like Master Chief, Paradise etc. But it is mostly popular and commercialized by Karachi Bakery.

HY25_OSMANIA_BISCUI_846696e  osmania biscuit

Irani Tea

Hyderabad may be famous for its Biryani but Irani Tea is not far behind as far as fame and legacy in concerned. The taste remains the same at any place in the city – a roadside cafe to a five star hotel. It is a milk tea will little more sugar and generally served in ceramic white cup.


Blue Sea

Blue Sea is located about a 10 min walk away from Secunderabad Railway station close to the Bazaar. I heard quite bit about this place from my friends and relatives

It is a small typical chai place with very little occupancy. But the appeal, taste, quality are truly blissful and rejuvenating.

The Golden Irani Tea comes within a flash once ordered. I have seen people drinking this inside car / bike.

Apart from Osmania Biscuits, Chota Samosa is also an awesome accompany material with this Tea.

1900163_10151876590591423_2147307252_n  Irani chai

The Park

The Park Hotel at Hyderabad is a new hotel compared to the Kolkata one. The reason for visiting this was meeting couple for CEO/CIOs for joining hands. The place “Varanda” on the 3rd Floor. The Open air place facing the lake was awesome. The same is evident in the below snaps.

IMG_20140628_171450  IMG_20140628_171501


Halim is a special Item which is available in the holy month of Ramzan. I am a fond on this in Kolkata from Arsalan or Siraz. But Hyderabad taste is completely different. Hallim is available in almost all restaurants. But I have been told “Sherton” is one of the place of having authentic Halim. And indeed the taste was completely difference and awesome. It is nothing but sumptuous Hyderabadi delicacy.

IMG_20140628_210711  IMG_20140628_220313

Karachi Bakery

The “True Icon of Hyderabad Baking” Karachi Bakery, intertwined with the life of Hyderabad since it’s inception in 1952, by Mr. Khanchand Ramnani.

It’s the exclusive family recipe of biscuits and bread kept the Karachi bakery ahead of others.

Apart from Osmania Biscuit, cakes to pastries, Fruit Biscuit is one of the famous item here.

IMG_20140629_141326  Karachi_fruit_biscuits_2013-12-03_12-20

Paradise Biryani

Today, Paradise has made its mark as a landmark of Hyderabad to promote the legacy of Hyderabad Biriyani.

Paradise restaurant founded in 1953 and gradually transformed into a large restaurant chain. They have commercialized the model and now a day the same biriyani is available in Kolkata thorough

The biriyani is accompanied by mirchi ka salan which makes it’s taste much superior.

IMG_20140629_142511  paradise-biryani

There are so many other things to distinguish Hyderabad. But let it be left open till my next visit unless I investigate those personally.