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Anandamela | The kick-start for Durgapuja

Today is special.

I have purchased the “Anandamela” Pujabarshiki Book today (the book gets published once in a year by ABP before Durgapuja).

The book was published last week and I was extremely anxious till the time I procured it.

I wait for this book since my childhood. But till now my excitement is still the same.

This is the kick-off incidence of the festive season which keeps us reminding of the arrival of Maa Durga (Goddess Durga).

In my childhood my favourite was “Pandab Goyenda” by Shastipada Chattopadhyay. The storylines by Bablu, Bilu, Bhombal, Bachchu and Bichchu were the pivot point of attraction since I could able to relate myself with the generation of youth. Gradually I fall in love with Shirshendu Chattopadhay, “Kakababu” by Sunil Gangopadhyay, “Arjun” by Samaresh Majumdar, Kikira by Bimal Kar and gradually latest “Mitin Masi” by Suchitra Bhattacharya.

But unfortunately all my favourite characters got lost in due course. There will not more “Mitin Masi” after this book as this was the last story before death by Suchitra Bhattacharyya. Shirshendu babu still writes and the style, charm remain intact.

But present generation is not interested. I have not seen any excitement in the faces of my children even though I keep on trying.

The festival will kick-off soon and as usual I got day dreams as well.

What? Will tell you.

How will be the plan if we, the entrepreneurs join together and organize our own Durgapuja, stay together with family, employees and there family and enjoy full four days together in a single place? If fifty entrepreneurs joins hand, it will aggregate around 500 people together for 5 days in a single place.

Will that not be fun? Will it remind us our old heritage of Joint Family?

Trust you got it now. Yes it is day dream only and getting this executed in Bengal is extremely difficult. But I cannot resist myself from dreaming. Hope you remember the last dream about “Entrepreneurs Outbound at Paren for 72hours”.

My dream, my choice.

What do you think?

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Net neutrality ! And life?

Readers are already started thinking what is the co-relation between “Net neutrality” and “Life”? Or at all there is any co-relation?

Yes, there is a deep co-relation.

We got concerned on service providers control on our internet usage and concern is genuine.

But what about other aspects of life? Are they out of influence?

Are we able to eat, drink, read, invest, see, think, travel, buy as per our choice, as per best price-performance?

Sorry my dear friend, we are not. We are being controlled, induced, directed by others for their own interest.

Still not able to connect? Not able to believe?

Need examples as a proof of the concept.

Our child are deeply addicted with two / three of the major brands of the market. We take the decision based on the company advertisement that their product will help the child grow faster than the competition (and those are consumed by some celebrity).

The impact of Two minutes food already we have seen.

We get carried away with the promotions. 50% discounts, 50%+40%, flash sales, big billion day, Wednesday offers and so many others factors influence our thought process and enforce us to buy things in either poor quality or unwanted in nature. But we hardly feel it.

Let it be politics, news, books, flats, mutual funds, computers, medicines, education you name it. Nothing is out of influence.

We can only see what is being shown to us. Seems like a magic which puts us on the hallucinated world.

Lot of us have got messages in social media that only 2 minutes noodles was not culprit. Lot of other stuffs starting from baby foods, chips, cold drinks, instant foods, Lozenges, Cadbury,  balms, medicines are highly dangerous for human beings. But why only 2 minutes noodles is being picked? What about others? Don’t you feel some bigger story is behind this 2 minutes noodles case beyond the food quality issues?

You might have seen the movie you disliked most have also done major sales.

How can we have thought neutrality? How we can protect ourselves from the external influences to take decision independently?

This is the only way to have Life Neutrality.

How? Billion dollar question. Love to have reader’s feedback.