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Bong Blast !

Yesterday was the 10th edition of Bong Entrepreneurs formal Meetup named “Big Bong”.

I had written earlier also on this on our third and fifth meetup as well. With the platform growing older (as already 9 months old), we are getting matured and quality of the events are getting improved as well.

Always there is a question in the market “Why Bong Entrepreneurs”? Even though I had answered the same in various means, let me try again to repeat the inherent agenda.

It’s been a myth in the market that bongs are not meant for business. But that is not the reality. Bengal had the legacy of Chand Sadagar.


Creation of large enterprise is in Bengal’s blood. “Biswbharati” by Rabindranath Tagore and “Ramakrishna Mission” by Swami Vivekananda are two visionary enterprises from two great entrepreneurs’ souls engaged in seamless and boundary less operation. The wealth of Bengal along with the areas of krisha-godavari basin as some historians opine provided the venture capital of the industrial revolution of Western Europe some two hundred odd years back. Under the influence of the Great Time, Bengal lost its glory and the capital got shifted from Kolkata.


Once a powerhouse of ideas, enterprise, global vision and the intent and competence to achieve, Bengal’s last greatest hour was nothing short of creating modern Indian consciousness.   In spite of having immense intellectual talent and inherited trends with art and culture, Bengal fell behind in ideas and enterprise. Her immense fertility in few decades, during the High Renaissance period perhaps left her weak and emaciated. Like France in Europe, Bengal’s prodigious output made her weak and vulnerable. Like an albatross, she cannot walk for her great wings !

Bong Entrepreneurs born in the spirits of co-existence, harmony, hand holding and collaboration. The aspirations are to touch every cities, every countries and grow together.

We dream of below aspects :

  •  How we can do business together,
  • How we can have businesses among us with our own needs,
  • How we can become an extended sales channel for the fellow entrepreneurs with a pitch of end to end portfolio to customers
  • How we can create a Funding Support System for our members and also assist in preparation for pitching for funding (mentoring)
  • Creating Awareness of different schemes, government policies, it’s deployment mechanism and so on
  • Cherish each other’s successes and assist on pain points
  • Creating an echo system with positive vibes, skilled manpower, non-compete approach etc
  • Touching cultural spirits through music and other means to be de-stressed

10th edition of the meetup took place in one of the government place, very renowned Sisir Mitra Hall, Webel Bhavan (the nodal agency of Bengal). The event was enlightened by the great speakers Mr.Nayan Mukherjee(a finance professional with experience in Financial Analysis & Equity Research, Corporate Finance, Private Equity, Venture Capital & Debt fund raising, and midsized M&A Advisory) Mr.Deepak Kumar Khaitan (a Xaverian, a Fellow Member of ICSI and a Practicing Company Secretary ,  Attached with various associations/institutions, a renowned trainer and speaker)and Ms.Ushasi Sengupta (Miss Universe India 2010 , Founder/CEO at TES and Vice President at Dream World Edu Services LLP). During fireside chat, Mr.Nayan Mukherjee answered several critical questions for start-up financial needs where Mr.Khaitan shared his experiences on company law. My story session by Ms.Sengupta was instrumental where she had shared her journey with the positive vibes.


There was more than fifty participants and the enthusiasm was extremely encouraging. As usual , the core team sat together post the event for further strategies and stay tuned for our upcoming movements.

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We will surely connect bongs across the globe, crossing the barrier and inducing cross pollination. We want everyone to be with us in this journey to take this movement forward. This has been spelled through a small poem , explicitly written for this event:

jai ho